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    We received some questions about guild transfers and would like to give you a details walk-trough how to transfer a guild. A shorter version of this can be found in our transfer faq in the Account Management. If you are a guild leader and want to transfer your guild, please follow the following instructions (if you are a member of a guild that is about to be transferred, please remind your guild leader of them): 1. On your current server, empty out your guild vaults completely. Do not leave ANY items within the guild vaults. These items do not have to be placed only on your guild leader character; they can be dispersed as you see fit amongst your own character or other guild members to help facilitate the transfer. 2. When you have emptied your guild vaults and are prepared to log out and transfer your character, you MUST run the following in-game command before logging out: /transferguild This command will do the following: -Disband your guild, removing all members. -Delete all vault contents, calendar playerup, and claimed keeps. -Save your guild's Rank and Renown to your guild leader character. YOU MUST RUN THIS COMMAND OR YOUR GUILD RANK AND RENOWN WILL NOT TRANSFER SUCCESFULLY! 3. Once you have run the /transferguild command, your guild information has been saved and you are now ready to process your character transfer. 4. Login to your account at and transfer your character to your new server of choice. 5. Once your transfer has been processed, and you have arrived on your new server, you must first form a NEW guild; your guild will not automatically be formed for you. Please note that the guild name does NOT have to be the same as your old server; this is especially important if you discover that the guild name you want is taken. Consider this transfer a new opportunity; you are welcome to name your guild something completely new. 6. Upon forming your new guild on your new server, you should notice the following: Your guild Renown and Rank will be updated to what it was on your old server. (I.E. If your guild was rank 29 on Volkmar, it will advance to Rank 29 on Gorfang). All previous guild settings will have been reset, and you will be able to choose new guild tactics and heraldry (just like you were able to choose a new name. You will need to reinvite anyone that did not help you in forming the new guild; guild rosters are not transferred between servers. 7. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your guild and it's information, and are all set. welcome come to will have many surprise.
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