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    Hello fellow (not-so fellow) Eve Online players I am making this post to offer a prosperous opportunity to anyone whom knows all about Eve Online... because I don't. I will soon be opening a forum of my own that has a plethora (a lot) of guides to look through for various games. Guess what, Eve Online is one of these games. Because I have never seen Eve Online, never played it, and never intend to learn it, I am offering a price for UNIQUE Eve Online Guides. Requirements for application: Good English grammar and punctuation. 100% Unique Content - This means you cannot go and find free guides on Google and copy and paste them to me. I'm not stupid. Hand Written (Goes with 100% Unique Content) You must be a high level, high attributed, player in the game. I do not know these specs, but I will do my research prior to hiring you. I don't want noobs trying to act like they know the game, but they don't! PayPal account Supply the guides WHEN REQUESTED. This means you need to have ample spare time on your hands. I will be a little courteous, but I won't be patient for long. Give me all copyright permissions I am willing to pay up to $1 per 100 words. At this very WORD is 236 words and I typed this all in about 5 minutes. That's roughly $0.40 per minute of work. However, if your articles do not meet my writing criteria that I personally assess, this amount may be lower. I promise that rates will not be lower than $0.30 per 100 words. At $0.30 per work (my bare minimum offer) you would be making $0.12 a minute which is equivalent to $7.2 an hour. [Based off this article at 236 words in 5 minutes] This writing criteria will be based off my own opinion. You may argue, but my offer will be final. As a last note. A good example (not to brag) of good English grammar and punctuation is this post. I am a very experienced writer myself and I would like to see nothing less than my own expertise in writing. The site I am creating will eventually contain a 'database' of many guides that people will be able to sift through for their own game and their own need. Do not post in this thread for applications:: PM ME with the following SUBJECT LINE Eve Online Writer Application Consider this a job. You could be looking at a chunk full of money by the time I am done with you. THIS, is your resume. Supply me with a PM full of information regarding your experiences in this game. 'WOW' me!
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