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    KcJAccounts / AionToons : Hiring Hand Leveling Aion Powerlevelers ://aiontoons Requirements: - Land Line Verification - 18+ / - if under 18, Parental Consent Required - Hand Leveling Required - SPEED SPEED SPEED & FINISH JOBS QUICKLY Benefits: - Great Pay - Lots of Jobs - Level 80 WoW Accounts T8.5/Protos/Mass Gold Etc - Aion Accounts + Gametime - After trial, we will purchase you a copy of kfguides $40 VALUE & IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING & SPEEDS UP LEVELING TIME!! Current Levels of 30 ++ on current WoW US Accounts!!! To apply, please email [email protected]> with the below application filled out. Thanks, KcJ


    AionToons Power leveling App PERSONAL INFORMATION: First Name Last Name Age: Can you power level full time, 24/7 Phone Number Email AIM Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes _______ No_______ Are you over the age 18; Yes ___ No ___ POSITION/AVAILABILITY: Position Applied For * Power leveler *Kinah Supplier _______________________________________ Days/Hours Available Monday ____ Tuesday ____ Wednesday ____ Thursday ____ Friday ____ Saturday ____ Sunday ____ Hours Available: from _______ to ______ What date are you available to start work? ________________________________________ Skills and Qualifications: What is your AION power leveling / kinah farming experience? ? What server can you farm Kinah on? ? What level is your main character on? ? Do you have the Elyos/Asmodian 1-50 Leveling Guide? ? Did you play Open/Closed Beta? ? Did you play on the Chinese/Korean Servers? ? What faction do you prefer to power level/farm? ? Please give us a rough timeframe it would take to complete the following; o 1 ? 10 o 10-15 o 15-19 o 20-25 o 25-30 o 30-39 o 40-49 o 49-50  Please leave what you have yet to do blank, (Ex) you have not done 30-39 and do not know how long it will take What form of payment were you looking? * Approximate asking price per job/hour/etc? ; WoW Gold Aion Game time WoW Accounts (lvl 80 ilvl 200 ? 245+) WoW Game time Cash Why should we hire you? [Enter your reason(s) below]

Thread Status:
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