High end US acct 4 80's PvP 9 Necro PvP 6 Sin PvP 5 Ranger + Alts

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    pvp LvL 8.90% Necromancer almost pvp 9 (one of the best in the game) has alot of tokens to buy 3-4 of the new pvp 9-10 gear around 140 that can buy you the chest and l of the pvp 10 gear right now... awesome K/D Ratio: 4.94 PvP Kills:20,905 ~ PvP Deaths: 4,229 (one of the best in the game), Necromancers summon and command the undead, and they are legion. Their ghoulish minions are capable of tearing men apart or casting their own death magic. The dark magic wielded by necromancers ranges from the unholy to pestilent corruption and the freezing touch of death. Or even attain lichdom, turning themselves into terrifying undead archmages. 80 Assassin PvP 6, Profession: Architect, PvP Kills: 8,681 PvP Deaths: 2,552 K/D Ratio: 3.31 No other class can deliver blows as deadly as an assassin. Assassins can dual wield daggers with lightning speed and can modify their attacks against specific targets, such as unholy attacks against heavily armored foes, or poison attacks versus mana users. Few can stand against an assassin in combat. 80 Ranger PvP 5, has swift mount has epic bow and xbow so you can take your pick as to what you prefer, Professions: Alchemist, Gemcutter Rangers are the finest marksmen in Hyboria, capable of stalking an enemy and delivering devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy. With an arsenal of specialist shots that can pin an enemy down, start bleeding wounds or pierce an enemy’s heart, they are difficult opponents. Knights fall to their fletched shafts and all the magic in hell cannot save a sorcerer with an arrow in their throat. They can fight in melee with swords and maces and wear medium armor, 80 Bear Shaman PvP 2 only 3-4 epics on the bear, Bear shamans have the power to heal and resurrect fallen companions. There Capable of mighty combos that heal and counter-attack enemy blows this makes them fearsome enemies in combat. 57 Barbarian tweaked (geared out) for the 59 mini game bracket. 25 Barbarian PvP 2, tweaked with all the bell & whistle for White Sands carnage, All most pvp 3 lvl 18 ranger (insane Underhalls menace), Toons are on Tyranny sever ~ over 100 gold on the acct, Vet tokens on all toons, 8 off line leveling points asking for $350 expensive but is 1 off the best accts in age of conan, sins & necros are the most op class in the game, this necro is ranked in the top PvP, Level & PvP Kills you want fined a better necro, also have detail guides for how to use the Necromancer, Assassin & Bear Shaman if you would like some revealing secrets of different builds and recommends the most effective solution for PVP or raiding then the guids will come free with the acct, If you have any questions, want more info, please feel free to send me a message.
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