?HHHEEADS UP! and sorry jebuso...

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    Jebuso, the only reason i scammed u was cause i realized my dit had been hacked...im sorry and i dont have ur items n/e more...but HEADS UP!!!! T0NYJENKINLE IS A SCAMMER!!!! i gave him 3 accs for 1 and he scammed, whata nub...be careful with him.

    uhh dude.....ever heard of a PM?

    i guess he wanted to tell people, so they dont think his a scammer.

    dude, then give me freaking money for my items.. they were godly dude...I want something in fcking return god damit

    Maplesoul, quit fcking posting gey love you post like this if your not gonna give me my sht back.. that bs.. you either have the items, the mesos you sold the items for, or the stuff you traded for the items.. NOW GIVE IT BACK YOU fcking little scammer

    And Dude Your Bandit Wasn't Even Yours.. You Tried Selling Me A Bandit You Already Sold To Future_man.. Because He Tried Selling To Me And Found Out About You.. So Even Still Your Bandit Wasn't Hacked. It Wasn't Even Yours..

    true >.> And that bandit got banned

    permanitly banned?? dude, i want my items back.. they were a total of like 50mill.. fcking gey

    50mil = not alot. Jebus, ever heard of editing your post so you won't quadruple post? Geez

    xlife.. i dont fcking buy mesos or shtt.. 50mill to me is a lot and thats enough for me.. basically i spent all my money to get those items.. you act like your on his fcking side.. and no i will post as many posts as I want because I am not spamming..
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