Selling  Android and iOS  Average Hero Wars Hero-Wars account Spielprofil LEVEL 85

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    After a quarter day of work, the story takes too long.
    So if you don't want to start at 0 you are well served here.
    Actual state:
    85 team levels
    84 levels for 5 heroes
    74 + 75 levels for 5 other heroes
    9 other heroes
    of course with superhero Yasmine at level 74
    and with your only equal opponent Helios at level 75
    To reach these levels
    You have to invest a few hundred euros.
    VIP 4? level
    217216 Force Hero Power Rank 1344
    74640 Force Titan Power Rank 928
    499th Rank Arena
    616 rank Great Arena
    540 dungeon levels
    Silver League guild member
    Lots of inventory; Articles, stones of the soul
    Any questions? contact me please

    [email protected]