[Help] Requesting Assistance on AutoHotKey Script's Input

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    I have been testing many different ways to make the script work. It's just a simple auto-attack bot I have set up. It works perfectly, but what I want is to have it work when I Alt + Tab and have the script work even when I am doing something else. Like using the internet browser and checking my facebook or watching youtube videos. This is my script and any help will truly be great!

    Here's the script:


    #IfWinActive, MapleStory
    SendMode Input
    ControlSend, , x, MapleStory
    Sleep 180



    Here's the thing. When I am using another 'Windows' Application, the script still works in MapleStory and is spamming the X Button in the Chat/Text Box. But when I actually wanted it to do the attack, it only works when MapleStory is active. If I went into another 'Windows', it doesn't work. Only the script work on chat box when you're inactive from MapleStory. Please! I appreciate any help. I want the auto-attack to work even when I am browsing on my internet browser. I hope you guys will somehow reply and give me your views. I have spent hours looking for many ways but its still doesn't work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.