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    Hello! Magelo profiles are authentic besides the names. Please bid with confidence. I have been selling here for more than 10 years. Contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you! - Account has a Krono ready to use! (gold subscription) - All expansions - Account is Grandfathered (silver membership for free) - More than 100,000 platinum on the account - There is a Legends of Norrath Legacies Choose-A-Loot waiting to be claimed. (click here to view the options) - There is a level 73 shaman on Firiona Vie with 211 alchemy, 205 brewing, 176 blacksmith, 159 baker, and 149 pottery. - There is a level 56 warrior and a 14 enchanter on Tunare 95 Wizard; high elf; female - Magelo:

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    - Full Tier 1 RoF group geared, besides ring (which is better than tier 1 RoF) - Tier 5 journeyman mercenary - 4100 AA points - 3 Veteran AA - Alaran language is at 75 - Epic 2.0 orb looted - Unique station cash mount! - Has some rank 3 spells - Only 21% to go until level 96 These characters are NOT TRANSFERABLE due to being on the Firiona Vie server. Sony only allows transfers to Firiona Vie, not from. I can't remove the "transferable" icon because playerup adds it to the auction by default with no way to remove it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.