Sold H Steam account Region of choice ( Argentina , Turkey , Russia) Full access W price 10 PayPal friends and family

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    Accounts are registered personally by the seller
    Create the account at any country of your choice ( Argentina - Russia - Turkey ...EX)

    After Payment you will receive :
    Username (you desired username) and password for steam account .
    E-mail full access username and password.
    tips and tricks from where you can purchase gift cards and how you can load money to the account using your visa card
    NOTE : you can't use your credit card with this account . you will need to use gift cards of the same Region only
    having another steam account with your home country and add this account as friend and send
    the funds from this account to the new account as friends.

    Discord :

    . /u/nouradawy
    [link] .
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Thread Status:
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