Sold [H] Shiny Tapu Leles, Tanabata Jirachis, NATS Krookodiles, Worlds Meloettas, Worlds...

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    I'm looking to move some stuff in small waves. I'm only interested in the PayPal and the rates are # so just ask. They always include you covering fees. Use this fee calculator.

    I have a number of Worlds events: Machamp, Aegislash, Worlds Meloettas, NATS Krookodiles, etc. and would be interested in any offers on these. See my sheet here.

    • Note: The Machamp and Aegislash were bought on this sub (see details in the sheet)
    • The NATS Krookodile were gifted to me from competitors at NATS 2018 in Ohio. They come with either picture or video redemption proof. One came from a fellow VGC player that I see every other week at PCs and MSSs in SoCal and discuss competitive play over SoCal Discord.
    • See below for details on the Worlds Meloettas.
    Tanabata Jirachis

    2015 Tanabata

    2016 Tanabata Jirachi Pair

    • Both Jolly
    • JPN tags
    • ID: 08076 on both
    • $35 for pair
    • Full video redemption proof
    • Exchange thread.
    2017 Tanabata

    2018 Tanabata

    2 Shiny Tapu Leles

    • Timid: HP Fire (JPN tag)
    • Modest: HP Fire (JPN tag)
    • $14 each + fees
    • Full picture redemption proof.
    • RNGd in a NA 2DS using PCalcNTR & 3DS RNG Tool. I also use Checkpoint to manage my save files.
    Boss PCI Set 2 (Gen. 7)

    • $43.50; Must buy complete set
    • JPN Tags
    • Video attendance and redemption proofs (provided via philvpham)
      • Cofigrigas: Bold
      • Nidoking: Timid
      • Mienshao: Jolly
      • Crobat: Jolly
      • Mightenya: Jolly
      • Honchkrow: Adamant
    • Exchange thread
    PC Kyoto Shiny Ho-Oh 2016

    • $25
    • In Gen. 7
    • Adamant
    • ITA tag
    • Photo redemption proof (provided by raystt)
    • Exchange thread.
    PC Bewear

    2018 Worlds Meloettas

    • Calm, Hasty 2x
    • $16.50 each
    • All come with video redemption proof.
    • Note: These all came from VGC players at Worlds. Video redemption proof clearly shows attendance and in some cases, the competitor/spectator badges. These are people I see regularly at VGC tournaments in SoCal, almost every other week during the regular season. We discuss competitive play mostly over SoCal Discord, and proofs were sent via Discord since I was not at Worlds (I didn't qualify in 2018).
    KOR Darkrai (Rise of Darkrai)

    • Timid
    • $28
    • RNG-ed for perfect IVs ( by Koroze23 here.
    • Picture and video redemption proof.
    KOR Dialga (Rise of Darkrai)

    KOR Palkia (Rise of Darkrai)

    My exchange thread.
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