Sold [H] Semifresh Amazing Jpn with stacked teams Rank 240 - [LF] Paypal

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    I've been playing on this semifresh account for a while, decided to sell it because i don't enjoy the game as much anymore. the account has 200+ days of playing with lots of orbs and kais.

    Box Pics : , , , and many more characters with a lot of dupes.

    Amazing Pure saiyans team : , Vegeta Blue has 1 dupe, Goku Ssj3 LR has one dupe.

    Featured characters : Vegeta Blue evolution(1 dupe), Goku ssj4 FP, Goku ssj3 LR(1 dupe), Turles Agl, Bardack ssj3, Beerus LR, Super Buu Str(transform), Future gohan Phy, Freeza Teq(evolution), golden angel Freeza, Jiren , C21(2 dupes), Cooler Phy, Goku ssj4 Str, Vegeta ssj4 , Kid buu int, Rose Str and A LOT of sub units for every team.

    Story is almost done, some chapters to finish, playerup for the most part undone(like ezas and story playerup.)

    I'm looking for about 30$ paypal. Contact me if you're interested.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.