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    Hello! I have the following codes and packs I'm looking to sell:


    -SM Base: 5

    -Guardians rising: 6

    -Burning Shadows: 2

    -Shining Legends: 5

    -Crimson Invasion: 26

    -Ultra Prism: 1

    -Forbidden Light: 48

    -Celestial Storm: 20

    -Dragon Majesty: 16

    -Lost Thunder: 24

    -Dragon Majesty Pin Collection: Latios and Latias

    -Lost Thunder Build and Battle: 4

    -Dragon Majesty Premium Collection

    -Celestial storm 3pk: Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele

    -Shining Legends Darkrai GX

    - Ultra Beast Collection Pheromosa and Celesteela


    -Phantom Forces: 1

    -Primal Clash: 3

    -BreakThrough: 7

    -Steam Seige: 10

    -Evolutions: 9

    -Fates Collide: 7

    -Battle Heart Tin Volcanion

    -EX Power Trio Blastoise

    -Flygon EX Box


    -Noble Victories: 7

    -Next Destinies: 2

    -Emerging Powers: 8

    -Dark Explorers: 3

    -Dragons Exalted: 2

    -Legendary Treasures: 2

    -Plasma Blast: 2

    -Samurott Tin

    -Serperior Tin: 2

    -Zekrom EX Tin

    -Reshiram EX Tin

    Pretty flexible on prices so just give me a reasonable offer. [This]( is where I get my pricing from, if you have another place let me know. Looking to sell bulk so I'll # for bulk. Thanks for looking!


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