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    Hi guys! So, I'm new as a seller, but I've been around for some time. I understand that i might break some rules of etiquette from the sub and for that i ask for your forgiveness.

    So, I'm selling my gen6 playerup, why? Well, first I'm on a break from pokemon, gen7 is not my cup of tea. And second, I'm saving for a Switch, if i can make some money from outside, i get to buy it faster. If i cant sell anything, thought luck, i'll have to wait. ahah

    Anyway, these playerup were all traded on r/pokemontrades, i usually traded for codes then asked others to redeem them, so these playerup have really short history. Usually its Redeemer -> Me. =D

    I uploaded all my playerup to Porybox and i will remove them when we agree on the sale. They are still in gen6 but i can trade them on gen7 if you wish.

    Now the list:

    Oct14 Diancie:

    Oct14 Shiny Gengar

    Spooky Pumpkaboo Language Set (Wifi - No Proof)

    Kor Movie Diancie - u/phu7777 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    Kor WCSK Linoone - u/phu7777 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    JPN PGL Tyrunt - u/Ajkyle56 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    Sum2014 Pinsir&Heracross Pair (Wifi - No Proof)

    ENG Scrap Set (Victini+Shaimin+Keldeo) - u/ajKyle56 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    M18 Arceus:

    • Adamant (Eng.) /ajKyle56 -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    • Timid (JPN) /ajKyle56 -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Hope Dianice (x3) (Wifi - No proof)

    PGL Pikachu - u/BairnOwl -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    Serena Fennekin language set (Wifi - No proof)

    JPN Serena Fennekin - u/ajKyle56 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    Pokebank Johto Set - u/K_is_for_karma -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Feb2015 Darkrai (pic and video proof):

    McHoopa - u/u_pr0th1 -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    Sly Zoroark Language Set - u/xchicowx -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    JPN XYZ Set (zygarde included) - u/JakeTheAlmighty -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    HK Rayquaza Language set - u/endi1102 -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Galileu Rayquaza language set (x2) - u/euramexerican -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Jun2015 Dragonite language set (x2) - u/euramexerican -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    7-11 Set (pikachu+panchan+latius+lugia) - u/BethornedIvy -> u/Neckes (pic proof)

    7-11 Pikachu u/euramexerican -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Gamescon Complete Set - u/Onizuak31 -> u/Neckes (video proof)

    Sorry about that, i need to learn how to format things better.

    So, i have an idea on how much i want for stuff but its just an idea, post me an offer. Oh, I do not wish to break the sets, if you're interested make an offer for the set.

    My exchange reference. My time zone is GMT. My time right now. And I'm online at random times during the weekend and usually between 9pm-11pm during the week.

    Thanks for reading! Tell me something.

    . /u/Neckes
    [link] .
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