Sold [H] Additional reservations for Korean League Tornadus/Thundurus [W] PayPal

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    [svirtual] Just in case anyone else is interested, I'm still taking reservations for the Korean League Tornadus/Thundurus events, to be distributed in 5 days from now.


    Korean League Tornadus or Thundurus on your save file​
    $15 each
    Korean League Tornadus or Thundurus, stock​
    $22 each
    US/UM save file (+ redeem, if you need one)​

    About this distribution

    • Please mind Tornadus can only be obtained on Ultra Moon and Thundurus on Ultra Sun. So if you're interested in a specific Pokemon, you should send me a save of the corresponding game.
    • This is a USUM only distribution, so I cannot take S/M files.

    About the redeems:

    • Buyer pays PayPal fees. They are not included in the prices above.
    • All Pokemon will be self-redeemed and fully proofed (redemption album/video + attendance).
    • If you buy either a save or a stock redeemed Pokemon, I also include a SR service for 2 natures.

    Link to my reference page

    Thanks a lot!

    . /u/heliogfonseca
    [link] .
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