Guide to removing an "Unknown E-Mai"l on your "Runescape Account"!

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    1. Go to ***************************************************** and click on 'Account' then 'Account Management' 2. Scroll down to 'Email Registration' and click on that. 3. Enter your New email addresses into the boxes, and leave your 'Current' email address box, blank. 4. - Open up a new tab, and go to your Email account that you put in the boxes on the previous page. -Click on the 'Code Submission Page' link. 5. Open up the email from JaGeX and copy the 'Verification code'. 6. Put your new email and paste the code you have copied into the boxes. 7. You will see a page like this. Click on the 'click here' in the second paragraph. 8. Go back to the email you had from JaGeX earlier, and scroll down to nearly the bottom of the email. Copy the 'unsubscribe code' 9. Put your email address into the box and paste the 'unsubscribe code' into the box. This is in the other tab, where you clicked 'click here' from the second paragraph. 10. This will appear. Don't get too excited, as it the guide isn't finished. 11. Go back to ***************************************************** and go 'Account' then 'Account Management'. Scroll down and click on 'Email Registration'. This page will come up, this is different from earlier. Enter your email address that you have been using for this guide, into the boxes and click submit. 12. Now you will receive an email from JaGeX. 13. Go to your email, hopefully you will have kept it open in another tab. Look for the new email from JaGeX. Open it up and it should look like this. Click the Link. 14. A new tab will automatically open up, which will say you have successfully registered your new email address. 15. Go back to the email from JaGeX and scroll down to the bottom of it. Click on 'Go Here'. This will open up another tab. 16. Your email address now will be gone. You're welcome! 17. Log in to RuneScape to check! After that, you may register your Runescape Account to any E-Mail address you desire! Make sure to set your Recovery Questions in case of a Password Lost! Always read your messages just in case for important notices. Sticky this thread just in case others need help Mods/Admins. Thanks!
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