Great US Account - 10 Level 80's + MORE!

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    Toons Barbarian - PvP6 / Tyranny (Khitai,T2 and Purple mix) 2x Necromancers (PvP7 and PvP7) Tyranny (T2,PvP gear and Summoners Mix (BOTH)) Ranger - PvP3 Tyranny (Culture and blues with crafted gear) Guardian - PvP1 (Khitai,T1,T2 mix) Tempest of Set Dark Templar Hox Conq Pom YG Links to toons 1) Necro - aoc.yg/profile?h=EJyqgVzW 2) Necro (2) - aoc.yg/profile?h=C7sPx4vb 3) Barb - aoc.yg/profile?h=AflOQz-S 4) Ranger - aoc.yg/profile?h=_JWgshVy 5) Conq - aoc.yg/profile?h=DUo9hVvB 6) TOS - aoc.yg/profile?h=mkqZpXkG 7) Pom - aoc.yg/profile?h=GbL4QSBe (Offline Leveled to 80) in blues 8) Hox - Ballburner (NO YG LINK) 9) DT - Risla (NO YG LINK) 10) Guard - aoc.yg/profile?h=yM2CRevB Feel free to PM me for more information about this account. Also has 100 gold + Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, alchemist,gemcutter,architech and also full tradeskills for bori farming. I'm asking for $350 as i've put in nearly 3 years of hard work to level theese toons and get them geared out, It has Turan XPAC and good amount of AA's on most of toons
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.