Selling  Europe  All Platforms  High End  Original Owner (Yes) Grandmaster peak, 60% winrate, 3 Mythic, 7 Legendary, 124 skins.

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    I am selling my personal Wild Rift account that was created on day 1 of European Beta.

    Account has +25k collection score, with lots of collectible items from events.

    124 skins in total

    3 Mythic Skins: Ahri, Wukong and Pyke.

    7 Legendaries, 75 Epic, 39 common.

    Full Collection (all skins) on Ahri and Pyke.

    Includes all Wild Pass (ascended versions too) and Ranked skins.

    Some of the limted time skins are: Chromacrash Jinx, Chromacrash Ekko, Serene Sword Diana, Firecracker Diana, Dragon Guardian Galio, Arcane Vi, Arcane Jinx, Supreme Cells Kennen, Dark Star Malphite, Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol.

    Account peaked to GM 3 times (currently on master). 60% win rate on all seasons. 67% win rate in current season ranked.

    NOTE: Account could be worth way more. For example, Pyke mythic skins costs around 100-150 USD, Ahri mythic skin costs around 80, all Wild Passes from previous seasons is around 100-150, plus Legendary and Epic skins that I bought from the shop. But I want to get rid of account ASAP, hence the price. If you want to avoid paying extra money from this website’s fee, we can try alternative payment systems. Safety is guaranteed 100%. I really want to move on from this game.

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