Selling  PC  1-24 Hours Grand Theft Auto Cheapest Recoveries on the planet :D

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    This is what we offer :D

    For 5.00€ you can get a Level 2 recovery:

    min 500mill- max 1bill

    min 120 - max 250lvl

    +Max stats

    +All Unlocks

    +1 modded outfit

    +You get Discord roles on our server :D

    You have more surprises on our discord server, feel free to join <3

    They are not random, Its for the customers request like min 50mill max 500mill my customer wants 120mill. just example :)

    NOTE: If you have nightclub modding usually takes 5-10min max for your account to be ready. I'f not it usually takes 20-30mins max till I can get you night club and start modding.


    And finally. Here is our server link that never expires. Feel free to invite your friends

    Proof of menu


    This is our feedback channel :D

    feedback 1

    feedback 2 There are dozens of feedback just couldn't post em all here.

    And finally: Much love from our staff. Corleone HQ
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