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    OK, so this account is STACKED, basically the one of the best you can get right now. -Full Rakata (BiS PVE Gear) -2x BM sabers (awesome black and blue glow) -Tons of BM gear -Full Champ Gear -MAX EFFECTION w EVERY single companion (main is geared in full epics) -400 biochem -400 bioanalysis -400 diplomacy -All 3 Rakata re-usable items (Str Buff, +Dmg Trinket, HP pot) -3.5 MILLION CREDITS, plus more on the alts, plus about 20 of the best BoE implants to sell on the AH and other epic items!!! never be broke -level 30 vanguard + 30 gunslinger in good gear on same server -Rank 65 PVP mount - Korellius Soverign, one of the most ****** mounts in the game -700 WZ commendations, 400 Merc -DESTROYS ANYONE IN PVP! 10+ medals every game -Easily completed every hardmode encounter and most nightmare version raids! -on a HIGH POP PVP realm!!! -MUCH more info to give, contact me to find out! ONLY LOOKING TO SELL OR MAYBE MAYBE TRADE FOR AN EQUAL GEARED CHAR ON A GOOD EMPIRE REALM! contact on AIM or PMs AIM = [email protected] ---------- Post added 02-15-2012 at 05:16 PM ---------- TRUST WHO AND PAYPAL VERIFIED MEMBERS WITH REP ONLY!!! otherwise will only accept WU payment
Thread Status:
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