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    My Location:
    Price $:
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    Auto all of ToA/ToAH up to and including floor 99
    3.5K Crystals and 8.5M Mana
    39 Nat 5 Monsters (dupes and fusions included)
    120 Usable Monsters with Great Runes for current meta
    13 Devilmon
    Max Speed and Crit Dmg Towers
    Homunculus Attack & Support have both Max Evolution (but not max skilled)
    Homunculus Attack & Support both have Evolution resets available each
    Enough monster food to 6* a new unit


    Account Info -

    Main Monsters -

    Monsters in Storage -

    Material Storage -

    Monster Runes -

    Transmog -
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Towers -
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Main (usable/runed) Monsters 120 (*not including storage monsters*):
    6* Level 40 Monsters = 110
    5* Level 35 Monsters = 10

    Nat 5 monsters = 39

    Homunculus (Attack - Wind) - Max Evolution, but not max skilled
    Theomars (Water – Ifrit) Max Skilled
    Beth (Water - Hell Lady)
    Sigmarus (Water – Phoenix) Max Skilled
    Perna (Fire - Phoenix) Max Skilled
    Chandra (Water - Beast Monk)
    Ritesh (Wind - Beast Monk) Max Skilled
    Daphnis (Fire - Fairy King)
    Ganymede (Wind - Fairy King) Max Skilled
    Lagmaron (Wind - Chimera) Max Skilled
    Taor (Water - Chimera) Max Skilled
    Helena (Fire - Unicorn)
    Camilla (Water – Valkyrja) Max Skilled
    Juno (Fire - Oracle) Max Skilled
    Rica (Fire - Occult Girl) Max Skilled
    Mei Hou Wang (Fire - Monkey King)
    Velajuel (Fire - Archangel) Max Skilled
    Eladriel (Wind - Archangel) Max Skilled
    Ariel (Water - Archangel) Max Skilled
    Laika (Fire - Dragon Knight) Max Skilled
    Baleygr (Fire - Lightning Emperor)
    Xiong Fei (Fire – Panda Warrior)
    Feng Yan (Wind – Panda Warrior) Max Skilled
    Tesarion (Fire - Ifrit)
    Elsharion (Light - Ifrit) Max Skilled
    Brandia (Fire – Polar Queen)
    Alicia (Water – Polar Queen)
    Ethna (Wind - Hell Lady)
    Mei Hou Wang (Fire – Monkey King)
    Shi Hou (Water - Monkey King) Max Skilled
    Katarina (Wind – Valkyrja)
    Jeanne (Light – Paladin) Max Skilled
    Homunculus (Support – Dark) Max Evolution, but not max skilled
    Veromos (Dark – Ifrit) Max Skilled
    Woosa I (Water - Pioneer) Max Skilled
    Poseidon (Water - Sea Emperor) Max Skilled
    Triton (Wind - Sea Emperor) Max Skilled
    Bastet (Water - Desert Queen) Max Skilled
    Zaiross (Fire - Dragon) Max Skilled
    Ophilia (Fire - Paladin)
    Pungbaek (Wind - Pioneer)
    Eirgar (Dark - Vampire Lord)

    Nat 4 monsters

    Galleon (Water – Pirate Captain) Max Skilled
    Sabrina (Water - Boomerang Warrior)
    Hwadam (Light - Taoist) Max Skilled
    Talia (Water - Chakram Dancer)
    Shaina (Fire - Chakram Dancer)
    Maruna (Fire - Boomerang Warrior)
    Zenobia (Wind - Boomerang Warrior)
    Deva (Light - Chakram Dancer)
    Lisa (Fire – Neostone Agent) Max Skilled
    Emma (Water – Neostone Agent) Max Skilled
    Baretta (Fire – Sylph) Max Skilled
    Tyron (Water - Sylph) Max Skilled
    Chilling (Water - Jack-o’-lantern) Max Skilled
    Chloe (Fire – Epikion Priest) Max Skilled
    Verdehile (Fire – Vampire) Max Skilled
    Garo (Fire - Ninja) Max Skilled
    Orochi (Wind - Ninja) Max Skilled
    Susano (Water - Ninja)
    Stella (Water - Assassin)
    Triana (Wind - Harp Magician)
    Harmonia (Fire - Harp Magician)
    Lushen I (Wind - Joker) Max Skilled
    Lushen II (Wind - Joker)
    Chasun (Wind – Sky Dancer) Max Skilled
    Hwahee (Wind – Sky Dancer) Max Skilled
    Briand (Wind - Death Knight) Max Skilled
    Arnold (Fire- Death Knight) Max Skilled
    Dias (Dark - Death Knight) Max Skilled
    Antares (Fire – Lich) Max Skilled
    Rigel (Water - Lich)
    Orion (Water – Brownie Magician)
    Gemini (Light – Brownie Magician)
    Malaka (Water – Kobold Bomber)
    Xiao Lin (Water – Kung Foo Girl) Max Skilled
    Liu Mei (Light - Kung Foo Girl) Max Skilled
    Hwa (Fire – Rakshasa) Max Skilled
    Ran (Dark – Rakshasa) Max Skilled
    Khmun (Fire - Anubis)
    Avaris (Water - Anubis)
    Skogul (Wind - Giant Warrior) Max Skilled
    Delphoi (Wind – Undine) Max Skilled
    Qebehsenuef (Water – Horus)
    Imesety (Wind – Horus)
    Hraesvelg (Wind - Barbaric King)
    Aria (Light - Succubus) Max Skilled
    Iona (Light - Epikion Priest) Max Skilled
    Iris (Light - Magic Knight) Max Skilled
    Halphas (Light - Lich) Max Skilled
    Icares - (Dark - Sylphid)
    Frigate (Dark - Pirate Captain)
    Liebli (Dark - Joker)
    Hrungnir (Dark - Barbaric King)

    Nat 3 monsters

    Thrain (Dark – Grim Reaper) Max Skilled
    Megan (Water - Mystic Witch) Max Skilled
    Rina (Water – Epikion Priest) Max Skilled
    Colleen (Fire - Harpu) Max Skilled
    Spectra (Fire - Griffon) Max Skilled
    Copper (Wind - Living Armor) Max Skilled
    Bernard (Wind – Griffon) Max Skilled
    Belladeon (Light – Inugami) Secondary Awakened
    Fran (Light - Fairy Queen) Max Skilled
    Racuni (Fire – Harg) Max Skilled
    Eshir (Light – Werewolf) Max Skilled
    Basalt (Dark – Battle Mammoth)
    Bulldozer (Fire – Frankenstein) Max Skilled
    Kabilla (Light – Harpy) Max Skilled
    Kahli - (Fire - High Elemental) Max Skilled
    Hemos (Water – Grim Reaper) Max Skilled
    Raoq (Fire - Inugami) Secondary Awakened
    Jultan (Dark – Werewolf) Max Skilled
    Jamie (Dark - Bounty Hunter) Max Skilled
    Darion (Light - Vagabond) Max Skilled
    Lyn (Light - Amazon) Max Skilled
    Mantura (Dark - Serpent) Max Skilled

    Nat 2

    Tarq I (Water - Hellhound) Max Skilled
    Tarq II (Water - Hellhound) Max Skilled
    Konamiya (Water - Garuda) Max Skilled
    Ramagos (Wind - Warbear) Max Skilled

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Additional Nat 4’s in storage:
    Mana Stones:
    8.5 million

    Transmog Stones:

    Transmog Skins:
    Dimensional Wing Perna
    Sleepy Rica
    Master of Harmony Taoist
    Mecha Inugami
    Fortune Watcher Woosa
    Goddess of War Valkyrja
    Fairy Land Master Ganymede
    Idol Kung ** Girl

    Transmog Auras:
    Gladiator of Ambition x4
    Gladiator of Spirit x3
    Burning Spirit x1
    Gladiator of Wrath x1

    120 monsters equipped with minimum 5* runes, lots of +15
    300+ additional unused runes in storage minimum 5*
    200+ additional unused Gems and Grindstones

    Essences [High, Medium, Low]:
    Magic – 52H, 112M, 1358L
    Fire – 121H, 236M, 901L
    Water – 176H, 275M, 720L
    Wind – 136H, 199M, 313L
    Light – 44H, 105M, 203L
    Darkness – 37H, 117M, 124L

    Arcane Tower 10/10
    Crystal Titan
    Crystal Dragon
    Enhancing Monster Storage
    All essential buildings

    Guild Shop Flags:
    Flag of Battle (+ATK %) Lvl 7
    Flag of Rage (+CRI DMG %) Lvl 8
    Flag of Hope (+HP %) Lvl 5
    Flag of Will (+DEF %) Lvl 6

    Glory Shop Towers:
    Sanctum of Energy (+Energy) Max
    Fairy Tree (+Mana Stone Storage) Lvl 6
    Mana Fountain (+Mana Stone Production Speed) Max
    Mysterious Plant (+Energy regen %) Max
    Crystal Rock (+Arcane Tower Attack Power %) Lvl 9
    Guardstone (+DEF %) Lvl 5
    Water Sanctuary (+Water ATK %) Lvl 7
    Fire Sanctuary (+Fire ATK %) Lvl 10
    Wind Sanctuary (+Wind ATK %) Lvl 5
    Light Sanctuary (+Light ATK %) Lvl 3
    Dark Sanctuary (+Dark ATK %) Lvl 3
    Ancient Sword (+ATK %) Lvl 8
    Crystal Altair (+HP %) Lvl 6
    Sky Tribe Totem (+SPD %) Max
    Arcane Booster (+Arcane Tower Attack Speed %) Max
    Fallen Ancient Guardian (+CRI Dmg %) Max

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    [ Asking Price would be 150 USD. ]
    [ If you are interested, Add me in my DISCORD ]
    [ So we have an easy way of chatting ]

    Here is my Discord : GraceLoveBerries#0044

    [ Thank you For reading my Thread. ]
    [ Have a good day! ]

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