Selling GLB Beast Account

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    Selling Global Account-

    -Featured Cards-

    •SSJ Rose 2xDupe 79% SA10
    •Goku Black 1xDupe 50% SA10
    •OmegaShenron 2xDupe 38% SA1
    •SSJ3 Gotenks 0xDupe 0% SA5
    •Buuhan 0xDupe 43% SA10
    •SSJ Broly (Phy) 1xDupe 42% SA1
    •Gogeta 2xDupe 0% SA1
    •Vegito (AGL) 0xDupe SA1

    -Many other SSRs-

    Godku (AGL)
    SSJ3 Vegeta (GT STR)
    WT Piccolo (48/70 WT Medals for LR)
    Vegito( INT )
    Ultimate Gohan (PHY)
    ETC..... will provide screenshots if you would wish

    And Bonus. I've got a bunch of Unused Potential Orbs. I will provide Screenshots of both Cards, Decks, Potential Orbs and whatever else is requested.

    Discord- OkaySRK#9822

    You can contact me here and leave a comment if you are interested. Price is #. PayPal or ITunes Gift Card. Reason I am selling my account because I've lost interest in DBZ Dokkan Battle, is because DBZ Dokkan Battle isn't competitive and I am competitive player that loves competitive games such as Clash Royale and would rather invest time, money & effort in games I enjoy. Please Contact me or leave a Comment if interested. Thank you for your time and patience.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.