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    Give Away Unrestricted Resale and reprint Rights This traffic idea is simple, obvious, and still enormously underutilized. The idea is simple: I have composed 5 e-books on WoW each on 5 highly specialized topics Adding an affiliate url like to every page in a header or footer, as well as the title page and at the end of the book Then give away unrestricted, unlimited reprint and release right to the e-book for free. All these viral products relate to the topic of your site. They have a high perceived value, and would make excellent bonuses, freebies, or incentives on related web sites. Most can be created with a minimum of effort. All these topics should have a long shelf life – not a few weeks or months, but years and years. If you tell the world that they can take these viral reports and does anything they want with them – including sell them on – you may suddenly end up giving away hundreds, even thousands of copies. Can you say “viral?” 3 keyword sets at the top ten of WoW searches are 1. Companion Dungeon Warcraft World 2. Atlas Gift Pack Warcraft World 3. Guide Official Strategy Warcraft World The 5 books Un Official World of Warcraft Strategy Mastery Guide World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide World of Warcraft Macros Guide World of Warcraft Atlas / Exploits Guide World of Warcraft Companion Dungeon / Leveling Guide If you post this on forums, with a topic like Power Leveling Guide or WoW Guide to Gold. With a link where they can download it, or upload it to Bit comet or other torrent sites and tell users to get it there. It will have words like, is most game the leveling up or gathering of gold is half the fun; WoW is best enjoyed at level 60 with the best equipment and a lot of gold. I have gone to to most of my gaming needs, now I enjoy my game on quests and raids where I am the life of the party. - Buy, Trade, and Sell Accounts and Characters - spamsite: Buy/Sell WoW Accounts, FFXI Account, EVE Online Characters
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