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    GARAGE STORE - Pri Server : GamezAion - Realm : Siel - Race: Elyos / Asmodian - Status: VIP Account(anytime) - Trading Method: PAYPAL/ Western Union - Mail Contact: ***************************************************** - Contact Number: 09462437473 WEAPONS Masta sword +15 (2pcs) Storm Wing Jewel +15 MCD Tome +15 Veille GS +15 GPP Spear GPP Jewel ABG Tome +15 ABG Sword +15 Sema GS +15 Masta Spear +15 Masta Bow +15 HELMETS ABG Cap ABG Helmet (2pcs) ARMORS EGT Leather set +15 APP Plate set +15 EAT Cloth set +15 EGT Cloth set +15 MCD Cloth set +15 Masta Plate set +15 ACCESORIES ABG Magic acc. Set ABG Crit acc. Set ABG Crit necklace ABG Crit Earrings (2pcs) ABG Magic Ring (2pcs) ABG Magic necklace ABG Magic Earrings (2pcs) GPP Sash GPP Magic ring (2pcs) GPP Magic earring (2pcs) Ragnarok Corundum Earrings (5pcs) Ragnarok Corundum Ring(2pcs) Ragnarok Turquoise Ring(2pcs) WINGS Lucky Wing MEDALS 390 Platinum 2000 Gold 5000 Insignia SHARDS 7000 +100 attack shard MATERIALS 5700 Brilliant Drenite ore 8000 Brilliant Magical Aether 4500 Master Special greater accessory flux 4300 Master Special greater armor flux 7600 Drenium steel 6400 Durable Drenium chain 6400 Small Drenium steel sheet 6300 Medium Drenium steel sheet 2500 White heliotiope crystal 2900 Blue heliotiope crystal SKINS( I forgot the names) Rare weapon skins Rare Set skins COSTUMES Alot (original) Most of the weapons and sets has rare skin bump...............
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.