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    Selling FULL FD RAVEN (Main Character)
    Westwood - Greenwood

    Account highlights:
    415k Attack at town.
    Dark attack 112%.
    Final Damage 8600+ capped on lvl 93. (Level 93 cap is 8333 only)
    x5 Lvl 90 FD plates (Bear, Wind, Fatal, Life Vitality, and Tent)
    Lvl 93 Intermidiate Ultimate Talisman (207 FD)
    +12 Evolution Legend Full Ice Dragon Set (except gloves and boots not evolved yet but still gathering wraths atm)
    Full GENESIS accessories (Necklace TH:1, Earrings TH:1, x2 Rings TH:0)
    Hero level 60
    Jakard's Demise Title
    Full Engineer Costume including Main weapon and 2ndary
    Full Blue Ice Dragon cash accessories
    ALL Geraint accessories (except Necklace to be able to transform)
    Heraldry expanded for 2more months
    Talisman expanded for 2more months
    Lvl 20 Heroes Velskud, Geraint, Argenta, Aisha and more
    Cooking and Fishing level is LEGEND
    Extras/Misc: Got variety of usuful cc items/costume
    Main Character got x5 Magic Synthesis Device for your looks of choice
    x3 Charming Rubinart's Wings
    x1 Charming Rubinart's Decal
    x1 Charming Rubinart's Tail
    x1 Charming Rubinart's Necklace
    x1 Cold Mirage Wings
    x1 Blue Ice Dragon Wing
    x1 Blue Ice Dragon Decal
    X1 Blue Ice Dragon Tail

    Saint got spending cc items.
    Noble Cygnus Wings, tail, and decal + Brilliant Light Flail and Shield

    Saleana got spendinc cc items.
    Clear Sky's White Armour Giant Wings, tail, and decal = 625 FD
    Full Blessed Hero's Costume Set TH:2
    Racing Costume Weapons (Main and 2ndary)
    +12 RDNL Main and Weapon

    Light cubes
    Raven Main(110+), Raven sub(100+), Saleana(170+)

    Time Cubes
    Raven main (389pcs)

    SUBS: Raven, Saleana, Smasher, Saint, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, and Dark Avenger.


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    1000 USD (can nego a little just pm)
    **this is actually cheap considering it has full genesis set so grab it now :)

    Contact details:
    skype- aineeina.
    whatsapp- +639278674826
    gmail- [email protected]

    Payment methods:
    Paypal - If the payment is not sent via friends/family you'll add 5%. Otherwise, no additional fees required.
    Moneygram / Xoom / Western Union / WorldRemit / iRemit