Full 60 Abyss Armor + Rentus +13 GS - Asmo Templar Tiamarata

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    Hello there! I'm selling a very geared asmodian templar, located on the Tiamarata server. I am looking for good offers for this account. Please post here before contacting me on aim. If you have further questions, dont hesisate to contact me. Weapons: Vasharti's Greatsword - +13 Enchanted Lannok Great sword - +10 Enchanted Stormwing Shield Armor sets: Full set of lvl 60 Abyss armor - Elite Archon Sentinel's - Slotted MR/CRIT, +10 Enchanted Full set of lvl 40 Abyss Armor - Elite Archon Centurion's - Slotted ACCu/CRIT, +15 to +10 Enchanted Accesories: Full set of Eternal ABG Helm: lvl 60 Balic Glasses - Horned Dragon Emperor's Durable Malvetic Glasses lvl 55 EC Condition 2 Chain Helm Wings: Lucky Wings Kahrun Wings - Reian Elite Soldier's Wing Mount: Sharptooth Airspike - Bike Mount Currency: 2817 Courage Insignia 36623 Crucible Insignia 115 Kahrun Symbol 200k+ Abyss points 37 Mithril Medals Bonus Items from NCSTORE: 4x Loot Drop amulets! 2x Tahabata Loot/Bufff pet ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 01:36 AM ---------- I forgot to add, this templar also has 3 piece of 55 eternal cruci pve armor. You will be able to tank any instance in the game. he also has every stigma.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.