Sold FS> Starter accounts with seasonals/grand charas/zodiacs and many more!

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    Got rekt by RNG from roulette? Looking to re-start your Gbf journey? Didn't roll your waifu/husbando characters? Or looking to start the game cause of friends? Now is the time to start! And it's way more beneficial to buy a good starter account with good SSR Characters/Summons that you want or like to start GBF with and I offer exactly that.

    All accounts are FIRST HAND MOBAGE Starter accounts with start dash and name change available, most of them are 2016 starters which means they have at least 2 Gold Bars, 8 Damascus Bars and 4 Sunlight Stones. (Please double check with me, if you don't I'll assume you don't care)

    Most of them has Anchira/Leg fest in the start dash (please confirm before the purchase or I'll assume you don't care about it.)

    All of them have loads of cerulean stones (1300+) meaning you could afford to buy a lot of materials from the shop with them giving you a much easier time to limit break your characters. They also have at least 1000 half pots and thousands of berries (Please double check with me, if you don't I'll assume you don't care)

    Grand characters dupe are noted with a "x2, x3" etc because grand weapons are important if you wanna make a primal grid. Limited characters and unticketable summons are bolded for ease of finding. I usually do not state the "useless" SSR summons so you will find more than what you see in the accounts. Seasonals are labelled, S for Summer, C for Christmas and H for Halloween.

    All of them have plenty of moons on it for resource trading and all of them have at least 10K CP on it unless stated otherwise.

    • [ACCT 1] Cerberus, Lady Grey, Vaseraga, Forte, Veight, Marquiares, D.Zeta, D.Cag, Azazel, Wulf, Io, Ferry, L.Vira, C.Mary, L.Zoi, W.Metera, Rosetta, Lecia, Korwa, Yuisis, Cag, Arulu, C.Clarisse, Catherine, Eugen, Hallesena, Ayer, Nemone, E.Dlf, Ygg, Altair, Lily, Charlotta, Lancelot, Yoda, Lilele, Yngwie, Romeo, Izmir, Magisa, Ghanda, Zahlhamelina, Aoidos, Aliza, S.Bea + DAO, Hades, Typhon, Lucifer, Zephyrus, Garula, Medusa x2, Tezcatlipoca x2, Gorilla x2, Gabriel x2, Athena x2, Shiva, Michael, 22 Gold Moons + 1 Gisla - 30$

    • [ACCT 2] Cerberus, Vira, Vaseraga, D.Sarunan, Vampy, Olivia, D.Jeanne, Freezie, Nicholas, Dlf, Sarunan, Sereul, Jeanne, Amira, Maids, L.Zoi, Arriet, Feena, Rosetta, Korwa, Melissabelle, Scath, Yuisis, W.Lancelot, Arulu, C.Clarisse, Hallesena, Nemone, E.Vaseraga, Cain, Lily, Sochie, Katalina, Yoda, Chat Noir, Izmir, Katapillar, Drangx2, Silva, Cucuroux, Metera, Zahlhamelina, Anthuria, S.Beatrix, Sturm, S.Ilsa, Tsubasa + DAO, Typhon, Odin, Luciferx2, Thor, Aphrodite, Zephyrus, Grimnir, Freyr, Tezcatlipoca, S.Makky, Gabriel + 17 Gold Moons - 25$

    • [ACCT 3] Lady Grey, Cerberus, Vampy, D.Jeanne, Black Knight, D.Cag, Wulf, D.Eustace, Sarunan, Albert, Amira, Ferry, Rosamia, Juliet, Gawain, Arriet, Korwa, Yuisis, Scath, Arulu, Siegfried, Catherine, Nemone, Alexiel, Lily, Yoda, Lilele, Chat Noir, C.Arulu, S.Izmir, Cucuroux, S.Io, Agielba, Zeta, Clarisse, Percival, Heles, Metera, Ghanda, F.Sochie, Anthuria + Bahamut, Dao, Nacht, Zeusx2, Garuda, Zephyrus, Hamsa, Tezcatlipoca, Uriel, Alexiel, Snow White, Gabriel, S.Makky, Athena, Zaoshen, 16 Gold Moons + Durandal - 30$

    • [ACCT 4] Cerberus, Tanya, Beatrix, C.Rosetta, Vaseraga, D.Sarunan, Narumeia, Marquiares, Lunalu, D.Eustace, Dlf, Sarunan, Albert, L.Vira, Io, Juliet, Luciox2, L.Clarisse, L.Zoi, Robomi, Gawain, Carmelina, Korwa, Melissabelle, Tiamat, Scath, Yuisis, Arulu, Hallesena, Ygg, E.Vaseraga, Silva, Yngwie, Lilele, Katapillar, Vane, Charlotta, S.Izmir, Zeta, Percival, Heles, Zahlhamelina, Aoidos, Aliza, S.Beatrix, Athena + Apollox2, Hector, Adramelech, Freyrx2, Hamsa, Medusa, Uriel, Kaguya, S.Makky, Poseidon, Agni, Promethesus, 21 Gold Moons - 25$

    • [ACCT 5] Lady Grey, Vira, Veight, D.Cag, Azazel, Sereul, Amira, Jeanne, Ferry, Rosamia, L.Clarisse, Bartorda, L.Vira, L.Zoi, C.Metera, Kumbhira, Gawain, W.Metera, Lennah, Petra, Korwa, Melissabelle, W.Lancelot, Tiamat, Cag, Sara, Nemone, Charlotta, Katalina, Yngwie, Chat Noir, Romeo, Izmir, C.Arulu, Anne, Cucuroux, S.Grea, Yuel, Clarisse, Percival, Ghanda, Zahlhamelina, Aoidos, F.Sochie, Sturm, Grea + DAO, Anubis, Nacht, Odin, Hector, Andramelech, Hal&Mal, Garuda, Zephyrus, Morrigna, Setekh, Baal, Titan, Kaguya, Poseidon, Agni, Promx2, Shiva, Sylph, 16 Gold Moons - 35$


    2nd Ref:

    3rd Ref:

    If you need more info about the account please contact me through discord. Strictly Paypal and USD only.

    Discord: Hoshi#4445

    It'll be better if you send me a reddit pm that you pm'd me in discord for security purposes.

    If I don't respond/accept your request I might be afk/sleeping/working.

    No reservations nor haggling, whoever pays up first will get the account.


    Thread will be updated as I sell, remember to keep track for good deals!

    What I stated in the account is what you'll get, anything more, you profit, I won't charge extra, anything less, please tell me IMMEDIATELY

    . /u/Hoshifuyu
    [link] .
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