FS: 17.8 mil SP missionrunner/PvP/indy account almost-Marauder T2 torps+cruise

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    US-BASED SELLER. ACCOUNT ORGANICALLY GROWN AND CARED FOR FS: 17.8 million skillpoint Caldari Achura character specialized in flying Caldari BSs (Raven/Scorpion/Rokh) and BCs (Drake/Ferox). The character is just 4 weeks away from flying the Caldari Marauder (Golem) and has agents for running lucrative L4 missions! The character also has useful skills for Mining, Refining, and Planetology. $195 or best offer. Read below for details. The main on the account is a *17.8 million skill point Caldari Achura male character. The character has a very nice name - nothing lame or "l33t". The attributes are 24 Perception, 24 Willpower, 22 Intelligence, 22 Memory, 11 Charisma (with +4 Standard attribute implants, which the character will have). Neural remap is available NOW - respect it to your liking. The character has 132 skills, with at least 23 of them at level V. The character is an accomplished Raven and Drake pilot, which will leave every single L4 mission rat begging for mercy (or in a form of a wreck). You can make up to 70 mil an hour in rewards, bounties, and LPs without EVER leaving the safety of high security space! Buy that faction ship you always wanted to afford, or simply do the missions because they are fun. The tanking (capacitor and shield skills) are outstanding: Energy Management V, Shield Operation V, and more. The offensive capabilities will also not disappoint, with T2 Cruise Missiles and T2 Torpedoes already trained for. The general fitting skills are completely maxed out: Engineering V, Electronics V, Energy Grid Upgrades V, Weapon Upgrades V, and Advanced Weapon Upgrades V. Great drone skills, too - has Drones 5 and Scout Drone Op 5, able to use T2 drones! Useful for missions, PvP, and mining. Will be able to mine in a Retreiver and refine the ore. The indy highlights are: Industry V, Mining IV, Refining V, Astrogeology III and more! In addition to plain mining, the character will have about 500K SP in Planetology (enough to qualify for an "Improved" certificate). This makes for some very nice, completely passive income, and will come into play more and more in the upcoming EVE expansions. 1.65 million SP in Spaceship Command, 4.30 million SP in Missiles, 2.45 million SP in Engineering alone! Also has about 2.9 million SP in Gunnery, with Medium Hybrid V already trained. It is an awesome missioning char which will chew even through hard missions like Enemies Abound and Blockade L4 in his passive Drake (possibly the best Battlecruiser in EVE) or perma-boosting Raven. It is just 4 weeks away from flying the best Marauder in EVE, Golem! The Marauders skill is ready to be plugged in. The only thing that will be missing is Caldari Battleship V. This skill will take about 4 weeks to train, which falls within the 45 days of bonus time that you will receive with the account. For PvP, the char will be capable of flying Hawk and Harpy Assault Ships, and Raptor and Crow Interceptors. Will be able to become a competent Cerberus pilot in only three weeks, should you so desire. As any competently trained Caldari, it will be good for ECM jamming support. Has a very high standing with Caldari Navy, enough to install Jump Clones in CN stations in Empire (yes, including Jita 4-4). Also has access to all CNavy L4 agents, including the most lucrative ones in less-used mission hubs. This character will be a very good ISK earner. The character comes with three jump clones, two of which will have sets of +4 attribute enhancement implants. Also included are some nice hardwiring implants, a T2 fitted and rigged Raven, a few million ISK, Propel Dynamics and Caldari Navy LPs, some minor assets, + an additional bonus: ~45 days of EVE time! NO wasted skill points *whatsoever* (the character will be an intelligently-trained "universalist"). Can fly: --battlecruisers: Ferox/Drake -- --battleships: Scorpion/Raven/Rokh -- --assault frigs: Hawk/Harpy -- --interceptors: Crow/Raptor -- --cruisers: Moa/Caracal/Blackbird/Osprey -- --mining barges: Retriever -- --and more! The character has a positive security status (about +4), no enemies, and non-KOS standings to all four empires. This char makes a great present for any EVE junkie in your life! Please contact me with offers. This is a rare chance to play with a character that is virtually perfect! I will only deal with buyers from the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, and Australia.
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