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    Hi my fortnite account is [email protected] but in the registration i made a mistake i wrote "[email protected] with 1 "i" ha ha ha ha..... so i talked with epicgames but they have not solution(sorry i am spanish) but that's not a problem because i have the password and after the payment you can change the password in the offitial site of epicgames and then znable the a2f and an app authenticator.
    If you want scam don't lost your time.

    link images:

    erli —
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    black night, power chord, ragnarok, red knight,blitz, elite agent, fable, sparkle specialist, tmatohead, trailblazer, brite bomber, dazzle, poised playmaker, skull ranger, commando, scorpion, calamity, carbide, dark voyager, drift, enforcer, love ranger, omega, rose team leader, the reaper, valor, aerial assault trooper, warpaint, battlehawk, blue striker, dj yonder, giddy-up, huntress, mission specialist, moonwalker, redline, rogue agent, rook, rust lord, sledgehammer, squad leader, sub commander, sun strider, teknique, wingman, ghoul trooper , absolute zero, blue squire, blue team leader, midnight ops, royale knight, dominator,A.I.M.

    back blings:
    backup plan, black shield, frozen shroud, love wings,red shield, six string, bonesy, camo, dusk wings, fabled cape, special delivery, dark matter, offworld rig, pursuit, skirmish, subjugator, astro, blue shift,bogey bag, catalyst, goodie bag, pool party, rearguard, rust bucket, scales, true worth, uplink, waveform, birthday cake, precision, royale shield, squire shield, standard issue.

    AC/DC, pink flamingo, reckoning, trust no.2, guiding glow, plunja, elite cleat, controller, eva, onslaught, permafrost, rift edge, axecalibur, balloon axe, crowbar, gale force, instigator, lollipooper, lug axe, raiders revenge, pulse axe, sawtooth, smash up, spectre, tenderizer and ice breaker.

    deep space lander, feathered flayer, flappy, founder's umbrella, conquest, get down, high octane, intrepid, slipstream, slapshdown, wings of valor, blue streak, covered crusader, rainbow rider, sugar crash, zephyr, carbon, crossfire , cruiser, downshift, mako, picnic, royale x, sir glider the brave, snow squall, beachumbrella, founder's glider, glider, paper parasol, snowflake, the umbrella, webrella and wet paint.

    20 contrails.

    epic emotes: boogie down, breakdown, breakin, disco fever, electro shuffle, freestylin, fresh, groove jam, reanimated, rocket rodeo, squat kick, star power, the robot, true heart.

    rare emotes: best mates, boneless, calculated, chiken, dab, flapper, floss, hand signals, hhype, it's go time, living large, make it rain, orange justice, popcorn, rambunctious, ride the pony, running man, step it up, swipe it, take the l, the worm, tidy, wiggle, you're awesome, zany,

    uncommon emotes: brush your shoulders, face palm, finger guns, gentleman's dab, gun show, jubilation, regal wave, respect, rock paper scissors, salute, slow clap, sparkler, take 14, thumbs up, true love, waterworks and wave.

    battle pass : 90
    combat level 61
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