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    [COLOR=#33CCFFForsaken-Farmers</span> is a MMO 2nd Market Company based in Washington State and a proud member of the <span style=]span> network and spamsite. Since early 2007 we've built a reputation for providing our customers with an honest and reliable service with some the most experienced and professional staff in the industry. Here is what others have said about us: [COLOR=#33CCFFMarkee Dragon Feedback</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33CCFFShopzilla Feed Back</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span>[/COLOR] Besides the fact that we have a long history of providing a reliable and honest service, we have dedicated ourselves at providing the safest & fastest services in the industry. With the combination of some of the best gamers and the most advanced network in the industry. We have achieve one of our goals and are able to provide the safest and most reliable hand power leveling service in the industry. [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span>[/COLOR] Even with an advanced network like our own using cheats, bots or hacks can and normally will get your account closed. This is why we will never Bot, hack or use cheats to level or advance your character. We believe in good old fashion hand questing / grinding is the best way to play your character. [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span>[/COLOR] [COLOR=#33FF33- Accounts -</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- Sell WoW Account</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- Buy WoW Gold</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling US – “Low Risk”</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling US – Custom Levels</span> <span style=]48/72 Hour[/COLOR] [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW US Honor Points</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW US Vindicator & Guardians</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span>[/COLOR] [COLOR=#33FF33- Currency -</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33FF33- Powerleveling Services -</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling EU – “Secure Speed”</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling EU – 24/48/72 Hour</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW EU Merciless Gear </span> <span style=]span> span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- Buy AoC Gold</span> <span style=]span> span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- World of Warcraft</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- Audition Points</span> <span style=] Villians[/COLOR] [COLOR=#FFCC99- Guild Wars</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- PlayNC Game Cards</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FFCC99- Tabula Rasa</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33FF33<span style=]span>[/COLOR] [COLOR=#33FF33- Currency -</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33CCFFForsaken-Farmers</span> Contact information: AIM: ForsakenFarmers (FSF President) AIM: FSF Livesupport (FSF Accounts Agent) <span style=]span> /Email: [email protected] Thanks and we hope to see you soon.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#33CCFFForsaken-Farmers</span> is a MMO 2nd Market Company based in Washington State and a proud member of the <span style=][COLOR=#33CCFFMarkee Dragon Feedback</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33CCFFShopzilla Feed Back</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33FF33- Accounts -</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- Sell WoW Account</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- Buy WoW Gold</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling US – “Low Risk”</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW US Honor Points</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW US Vindicator & Guardians</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33FF33- Currency -</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33FF33- Powerleveling Services -</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling EU – “Secure Speed”</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW Powerleveling EU – 24/48/72 Hour</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- WoW EU Merciless Gear </span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- Buy AoC Gold</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- World of Warcraft</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- Guild Wars</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- PlayNC Game Cards</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FFCC99- Tabula Rasa</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33FF33- Currency -</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33CCFFForsaken-Farmers</span> Contact information: AIM: ForsakenFarmers (FSF President) AIM: FSF Livesupport (FSF Accounts Agent) <span style=][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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