For sale SM N/A Elyos Plus 15+ eternal tomb with aug 2 combine.

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    Ok i am not giving much detail on here other then what one needs. Further information will be given out but at no time will i give the players name until i feel the deal is 100% between me and the other party involved. Server Elyos N/A Weapons Plus 15 level 60 eternal with augment 2 combined 188 20% god stone.11.5%pvp damage Also a Gaurian primus tomb (10.5%pvp) level 55 that can be used for combine. Full level 55 eternal pvp ring x2 earring x2 belt necklace Level 60 eternal head with condition 2 Armour Full 50 e plus 10 level 60 eternal aug 2 gloves and boots plus 10 level 60 eternal pants condition level 2 5 piece level 55 eternal condition 2 colisem set(full eternal set) Full 40 e Has 18 slot pet 12 slot pet and loot pet. 500+ master tailor and 400+ aether almost 300 essencetapping 100 m on toon close to 100 mithril with lots of quest for more still not finished. 20k cruible insig 500kahrun symbol 200 courage insignia 99 cube inventory Has mount too. This is a good clean account with no infractions what so ever.Has lots of little things to do on it to keep you busy but beast enough to do what sm do best ! OWN Why you always see so many other classes up for sale and never geared sm? Cause sm own pve and pvp i have no problem giving out my phone number or to ensure you feel safe. I will NOT deal with anyone outside of North America.(sorry) I am located in Canada My Price is 400$ and i will not take any less. If you have a equal value toon(no clerics sin, or sorc) i would consider possible trade and cash,but rather sell. Bump this thread if you pm me. Thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.