Sold FGO NA Waifu Account 11 SSR - Full Jeanne, Dual Rin, Dual Sakura, Dual Tamamo, Dual gilgamesh, ETC

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    Hello Guys Welcome to My Thread
    Im Selling Here And On Discord
    Contact me here or on discord for negotiation and faster transaction
    if you are looking for other account with specific servant just message me on discord too (Accept Request With Specific Servant) for JP & NA
    Discord :Thiclown#0121

    Super Waifu Account
    11 SSR : Arthuria, Ishtar, arjuna, Gilgamesh, Tamamo Lancer, Ilya, Tamamo Caster, MHX Alter, Jeanne Ruler, Jeanne Alter, Meltryllis
    Most of The Welfare Servant Are Np 5 and Max Ascension
    CEs : 3x black Grail, 2x Kaleid, 2x Imaginary Around, Holy night, etc
    Maintained Skill
    14 Grails Remaining
    Still Have 184 GA, 59 SA
    End Game
    Story on Agartha
    price : $80 PaYPal / Bitcoin / Any offer

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.