Selling   FFBE [GL] Account Rank 142 - $500 88 6* & 87 5* Units + Free unlinked Fire Emblem Acct with 59 5*

Discussion in 'FFBE Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by JC7546, 1/5/18.

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    Hello there,

    I am selling my FFBE [GL] Account.
    It's linked to my real Facebook account that I use, so I'll be trusting you with the name and pw, and will also give you my phone number and email to reach me. I can promise you that I will be 100% reachable. I will even tell you where I work so you can always find me. In other words, I want you to have 100% confidence and peace of mind about your purchase.

    I have 88 6* Units and 87 5* Units.

    I have played this game since 10/2016 never using any hacks or injections. The account is 100% safe and all lapis has been purchased with credit card. I can even show you proof if you need it. This FFBE account connected to my real Facebook account I am using, not a dummy account.

    If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread.

    Here's some general informaion:

    Tons of TMRs, most stages cleared
    749 Star Quartz
    Around 150 of each 6 star awakening material
    28 million gil
    Enhancement Materials: Around 28 Giancrysts of each color and 14 Purecrysts of each color

    6* Units (88 TOTAL)

    2x Cloud
    2x A2
    3x 2B
    5x Orlandeau (+ 3 more Orlandeau in 5* list = 8 Orlanedau total)
    1x Elfreeda (another 1x Efreeda in 5* list = 2 Elfreeda total)
    4x Noctis (with 100% of all 4 TMRs = 4 x Ring of the Lucii)
    2x Onion Knight
    1x Ayaka (+ 2 more Ayaka in 5* list = 3 Ayaka total)
    1x Gilgamesh (+ 2 more Gilgamesh in 5* list = 3 Gilgamesh total)
    1x Marie (+ 2 more Marie in 5* list = 3 Marie total) + Love You All and Lovely Guard fully enhanced
    1x Dark Fina (+ 3 more in 5* list = 4 Dark Fina total)
    1x Ace (+ 4 more Ace in 5* list = 5 Ace total) + Tri-beam Laser and Spirit Hand fully enhanced
    1x Luneth (+ 5 more Luneth in 5* list = 6 total àthis guy was my very first 6 star)
    5x Setzer
    2x Rikku
    2x Olive (+ 6 more Olive in 5* list = 8 Olive total)
    2x Fryevia (+ 2 more Fryevia in 5* list = 4 Fryevia total)
    1x Grim Lord Sakura
    1x Ling
    2x Lunera + 2 more Lunera in 5* list = 4 Lunera total)
    1x Aileen (+ 1 more Aileen in 5* list = 2 Aileen total)
    1x Rem (+ 2 more Rem in 5* list = 3 Rem total)
    1x Tidus (+ 3 more Tidus in 5* list = 4 Tidus total)
    1x Wilhelm (+4 more Wilhelm in 5* list = 5 Wilhelm total)
    1x Veritas of the Dark (+ 3 more Veritas of the Dark in 5* list = 4 Veritas of Dark total)
    1x Veritas of the Light
    1x Veritas of the Flame (+ 1 more Veritas of the Flame in 5* list = 2 Veritas of the Flame total)
    1x Veritas of the Earth
    2x Tilith
    1x Knight Delita (+ 2 more Knight Delita in 5* list = 3 Knight Delita total)
    1x Maxwell
    1x Y’shtola
    1x Fohlen
    1x Xiao
    1x Seabreeze Dark Fina (+ 4 more Seabreeze Dark Fina in 5* list = 5 Seabreeze Dark Fina total)
    1x Trance Terra (+ 1 more Trance Terra in 5* list = 2 Trance Terra total)
    1x Luka
    1x Ramza (+ 2 more Ramza in 5* list = 3 Ramza total)
    1x WoL
    3x Agrias
    2x Chizuru
    1x Xon
    1x Pirate Jake
    1x Gaffgarion
    1x Dangerous Ariana
    1x Chic Ariana
    1x Emperor (+5 more Emperor in 5* list = 6 Emperor total)
    1x Delita (+ 2 more Delita in 5* list = 3 Delita total)
    1x Crowe
    2x Dark Knight Cecil (+ 4 more Dark Knight Cecil in 5* list = 6 Dark Knight Cecil total)
    1x Firion
    1x Lightning
    1x Cecil
    1x Refia
    1x CoD
    1x Randi
    2x Exdeath
    2x Queen (+ 3 more Queen in 5* list = 5 Queen total)
    1x Rain
    1x Laswell
    1x Fina

    5* Units (87 TOTAL)
    2x Ayaka
    2x Ramza
    2x Marie
    3x Orlandeau
    2x Freyvia
    1x Prishe
    3x Tidus
    4x Ace
    5x Luneth
    1x Trance Terra
    5x Emperor
    1x Aileen
    6x Olive
    2x Rem
    2x Knight Delita
    3x Veritas of the Dark
    1x Veritas of the Flame
    4x Wilhelm
    2x Gilgamesh
    2x Fohlen
    2x Lunera
    3x Queen
    3x Dark Fina
    4x Seabreeze Dark Fina
    4x Reberta
    2x Delita
    4x Dark Knight Cecil
    1x Goken
    3x Kelsus
    2x Y’shtola
    1x Milfina
    1x Cupid Artemios
    1x Grace
    1x Soleil
    1x Arc
    1x Ingus
    1x Primm
    1x Sazh
    1x Bartz
    1x White Witch Fina
    1x Lid

    7* Capable Units
    Please see this site:
    ファイナルファンタジー ブレイブエクスヴィアス | SQUARE ENIX

    Here are some pictures:
    1.png - Google Drive
    2.png - Google Drive
    3.png - Google Drive
    4.png - Google Drive
    5.png - Google Drive
    6.png - Google Drive
    7.png - Google Drive
    8.png - Google Drive
    9.png - Google Drive
    10.png - Google Drive
    12.png - Google Drive
    13.png - Google Drive

    I am asking for $950. Let's work out a deal.

    Thank you.
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    Lowered the price to $500. This has officially gone from a great deal to a steal. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Serious inquiries only. Thank you.
  3. OP

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