Selling  Global  Rank 100+ FFBE Clean Rank 181 • Top tier account • 60k Lapis • 47 Select Summon!!

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    693 continuous log in days (as of 9/26/2019).

    Love playing this game but do not have enough time to keep up with it.

    -60k+ Lapis
    -Tons of lvl 60 King Metal Minitaur (150+), Pots (Power, Magic, Shield, Spirit, LB Burst, MP, HP)
    -1300+ Star Quartz
    -630 Red Star Quartz
    -26780 Trust Coins
    -4 empty Prism Moogles
    -85 million GIL
    -89 7* units awakened (11 more to future potential expert mission parameter quests top prize [Accessory] Origin Ring + 20 Select Tickets)
    -up to date with most event items since start (November 2017)
    -1x 100% STMR Moogle + 38% STMR tickets
    -2100% Trust Moogle
    -1230 arena tickets, 211420 Arena Medals
    -1747x NRG Restore 10 refills.
    -581x Equipment enhancement restore

    7 Stars:
    Lvl 120
    Sieghard, Warrior of light Lenna, Esther, Auron, Regina, Lotus Mage Fina, Heavenly Technician Lid, Mediena, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Elephim, Folka, Elly, Bart, Summer Folka & Citra, Sacred Shield Charlotte, Kryla, Sophia, Sylvie, Seaside Nichol, Awakened Rain, Lightning, Ramza, Rem, Trance Terra, Hyoh, Pyro Glacial Lasswell

    Lvl 120 and below
    High Seraph Ultima, Red XIII, Beryl, Rivera, Reagen, Onion knight, Mercenary Ramza, Squall, Rinoa, Delita, Dark knight Cecil, Ace, Queen, Dark Fina, Orlandeau, Marie, Emperor, Seabreeze Dark Fina, Fohlen, Dark Veritas, Marquis De Leon, Lunera, Prishe, Cloud, Light Veritas, , Ignis, Baltier, Gilgamesh, Ayaka, Elfreeda, Gladiolus, Duke, Yuna, , Aranea, Prompto, Kunshira, Vincent, Nyx, Basch, Nameless Gunner Jake, Atoning Dragoon Kane, Sephiroth, Lila, Machina, Olive, Grimlord Sakura, Barbariccia

    Siegehard (Attractive Shield), Ramza (Escutcheon), Lunera (Force Mysterion), Prishe (Godhands), Red XIII (Limited Moon), Marie (Original Arrival), Fohlen (Rider's Armor), Hyoh (Ultima Weapon (FFBE)), Folka (Staff or Ripples), Dark Knight Cecil (Dark Sword Arts), Onion Knight (Onion Knight's Mission)

    1 copy to STMR:
    Mercenary Ramza, Balthier, Cloud, Dark Fina, Duke, Lotus Mage Fina, Reagan, Hyoh, Squall, Rem, Kunshira, Vincent, Ayaka, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Queen

    - Transaction will only be made with Middleman to ensure the safety of both buyer and seller.

    For any questions or discussions before making a commitment to purchase, please message me here

    I have NOT unlinked my first facebook account yet, so we should be able to switch to any account-preference (Google or a new facebook). I’m not 100% sure how the system works, so I’m sure the @Middleman can help the transfer.
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