Selling   FF Mobius NE Acc - Lightwave with Supremes

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    Sell FF Mobius NE Acc - SPlvl106/MPlvl87 with:

    Supreme Cards: Aertih, Fatal Flora, UB and Duncan.

    Supreme Heroes: Lightting, Cloud and Squall.

    Update Info 22/September/2019

    Chapthers 1,2,3,4 5 Completed

    Chapthers 1,2 Hard mode Completed

    Exploration Zone 1,2,3 and 4 Completed

    Chaos Vortex 20 Stages Cleared

    Chapter 8 Almost done

    Story Digest Completed

    (still have things to do) - 800 Inventary / 1600 Bank (Watch images).

    14 Mobius Box Active.

    Jobs and Items: Watch Images.

    Cards: Watch Images of some of them. It has many Fractals, It has some Growstars and more cards/materials.

    Make a good offer if:

    1) You like this Account.

    2) know of somebody that can need or want an good start account

    It´s better to someone that doesn't have to much time playing this game.

    Payout Method: $USD PayPal

    20190922131938_1.jpg 20190922131749_1.jpg 20190922131758_1.jpg 20190922131806_1.jpg 20190922131822_1.jpg 20190922131830_1.jpg 20190922131908_1.jpg 20190922131920_1.jpg
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