Selling  Android and iOS  High End Fame 8 | 60k scrolls | 7 A rank characters | got A ranks tobirama full rekit| + 650 tickets

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    [​IMG] Hellooo everyone [​IMG]

    There you can see my main NxB account on sale
    very good Fame 8 end-game account with 7-8 A rank characters
    60k Scrolls!!!
    (guaranteed rank 1-5 every week, easy 180sbs & 8 thickets)

    Account has >>
    [​IMG] 162k pow Hashirama , 153k so6p Naruto[​IMG] ,158k RIN,
    A rank Shisui, A rank Gaara, A rank KLM Naruto,
    and A rank OBITO (rekit)
    (you will say haha he isn't A rank in the pictures but first click that link)
    (I have many ult frogs u can lvl up any ultimate 1lvl to 8lvl
    and then still left enough to lvl up second ult 1lvl to 5lvl)
    (proof link)

    couple of character pics


    there is 19 old SAM stat cards and 11 Paid ones!!!
    in total acc has 39 usable stat cards
    and total of 200+ ultimates (here)

    have 150+ TAM tools and ALL roundup tools (here)
    has 600 summon tickets (here)

    (to see ult and tool pictures scroll down or klick here TAGS)

    Selling via PayPal or Middleman... ( no 'trade'!!! )

    Pm me your best offer-( price is negotiable)...

    for more details contact me on:

    my only discord: ∆π |•_•|#7714
    Instagram: delta_pi13


    contact me man what are you waiting for ?!


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