Selling  Android and iOS  High End Fame 5, level 181, 2 SS (Sakura War Version), 15 A rank acc

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    2 SS Rank Shinobies, 15 A Rank
    1 Ex ultimate
    : Sakura Haruno (War Version)
    5 level 8 ults: War Tsunade, Edo Minato (Rerekit), Kisame (SAM ult), Rin (SAM ult), Shisui (Og Ult)
    230 ultimates
    Up to Meta Units:
    Sakura Haruno (War Version), Rank SS.
    KLM Minato (full kit, no ult), Rank SS
    Edo Minato maxed out rerekit
    Itachi Uchiha (Reanimation), both ults with crows level 8.
    Shisui Uchiha: Beads level 8 with og ult maxed out.
    Hinata Hyuga (Summer Break): Complete kit
    Sakura Haruno (Summer Break): Complete kit

    Day 1 acc, level 181, Fame 5
    1 og SAM stat card per SAM
    1 p2w stat card
    All given stat cards up to date
    3 p2w tools (2 Indra's Arrows, 1 ramen bowl).
    All ru tools have been obtained (apart from Edo and So6p Madara 6*).

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Thread Status:
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