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 Selling  1-24 Hours Facebook Shop Store ( Views, Likes, Shares, comments, Emoji etc) Non Drop

Discussion in 'Facebook Subscribers - Buy Sell Trade' started by ExpertTuna, 5/16/19.

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  1. ExpertTuna

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    "Social media Marketing Expert."
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    If you are looking for any kind of social media services, I'm happy to tell you that you're looking at the right place.
    SmmClerks is the leading social media service provider, we have the best results for the lowest prices.

    What makes us different?
    SmmClerks has the highest standards for holding a good reputation with customers and providing the best services at the lowest costs. We provide live chat support to our customers, to make sure that everything is up to their standards. We will never have a customer unhappy with the services provided; because we are way more interested in customer satisfaction rather than money like other places. If there is ever an issue, which in this industry it sometimes happen; no customer will ever leave unsatisfied -- there is always a solution to satisfy our customers!

    Website: Sign in
    List of Services: Services

    All of our services are 100% automated, which means it doesn't take a human to process an order; so your order will be delivered fairly quickly for your satisfaction!
    (Our minimum deposit is only $1 | We accept Paypal, Skrill, BTC, and Payoneer)

    What does SmmClerks have to offer?

    Instagram Services
    - Likes
    - Followers
    - Views
    - Profile Impressions
    - Mentions
    - Direct Messaging
    - Custom Comments
    - Random Comments
    - TV Mentions
    - TV Views
    - Story Views
    - Story Saves
    - Story Reach

    YouTube Services
    - Unlimited Views [Stay Forever]
    - Subscribers [Stay Forever]
    - Video likes/Dislikes
    - Comment Likes/Dislikes
    - LiveSteam views
    - Shares
    - Custom Comments
    - Random Comments

    Facebook Services
    - Followers
    - Website Likes
    - Event Join/Confirms
    - Star Ratings 1 to 5
    - Custom Comments
    - Random Comments
    - Comment Likes
    - Post Likes
    - Video Views
    - Livestream Views
    - Page Likes

    Twitter Services
    - Video Views
    - Impressions
    - Followers
    - Favorites
    - Tweets
    - Retweets
    - Custom Comments
    - Random Comments

    SoundCloud Services
    - Plays
    - Likes
    - Followers
    - Downloads
    - Comments

    Reddit Services
    - Upvotes
    - Downvotes

    Twitch Services
    - Viewers
    - Followers
    - Subscribers

    LinkedIn Services
    - Followers
    - Endorsements

    Spotify Services
    - Plays
    - Followers
    - Playlist Followers

    We have a lot more services that we provide to choose from, but we are only going to this these; as these are our most common services purchased. If you should have any questions, please contact customer support at all times; we would love to help!
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