EVE Online - List of Programs that all EVE pilots should use

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    Here is a list of support programs for EVE Online, None of these programs are against EVE rules to use. - - Skill Planner, plan your path in EVE as far ahead as you would like, many easy options. - - Create good ship setups based on available or future skills, you decide. - - View detailed maps of EVE, current control points, and more, without logging into the game. - - Check your EVE mail, your Corp's/Alliance's Calender, and more. (EVEGate was created by CCP, the creators of EVE Online) - - Check EVE's Server status . (Note: The only official CCP servers are > Tranquility, Serenity, Singularity, and the API server for API key management) Most of these programs require your API Key & User ID number in order work, You can get your API Key & User ID from the official EVE website. -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.