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    Hello my fellow EvE Online Players I'd like to offer you the opportunity of a life time, the opportunity to make and earn isk with little effort and best of all its legal. THERE IS NO MORE NEED TO PAY FOR YOUR ISK FROM A WEBSITE. CCP cannot and won't touch you, however you may just become one of the most unpopular but most wealthy people in the EvE Online Universe. This of which i speak is SCAMMING, an ability that very few have mastered and ever will . Unfortunately i would if i could, but i to have things in which i need to pay for. So i cannot offer it for free, but i can offer it cheaper then anyone else, and i am willing to help guide you through it. I will not ask for real money, unless that is what you wish to use, otherwise it will cost 100mill ISK for the 32page guide and my guidence (if you so wish). The guide covers everything from the big time scams, down to the small time. It offers examples, definitions and the best and SAFEST! way to get it done. I also go through the DO'S and DON'TS in scamming and how not to get caught. Thank you and i hope that like me, you to wish to make the millions you dream of at night. PRICE: 100mill isk or $10US CONTACT: or leave me a privite message here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.