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    Main Characters Skill Points Group: Between 22,500,000 to 25,000,000
    Main Characters Total Skill Points: 23944338
    Main Characters Total Number Of Skills: 200
    Charisma: 9
    Intelligence: 24
    Memory: 23
    Perception: 23
    Willpower: 17
    List All Character Implants: Intelligence +4 Memory +4 Charisma +4 Perception +4 Willpower +4
    List All Character Skills: Cattegirn Attributes Intelligence: 23.76 Perception: 22.68 Charisma: 8.64 Willpower: 17.28 Memory: 22.68 Corporation Management [​IMG] Anchoring [​IMG] Corporation Management [​IMG] Ethnic Relations [​IMG] Megacorp Management Total Skillpoints in Group: 501,734 Drones [​IMG] Amarrr Drone Specialization [​IMG] Caldari Drone Specialization [​IMG] Combat Drone Operation [​IMG] Drone Durability [​IMG] Drone Interfacing [​IMG] Drone Navigation [​IMG] Drone Sharpshooting [​IMG] Drones [​IMG] Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing [​IMG] Gallente Drone Specialization [​IMG] Heavy Drone Operation [​IMG] Mining Drone Operation [​IMG] Minmatar Drone Specialization [​IMG] Repair Drone Operation [​IMG] Scout Drone Operation [​IMG] Sentry Drone Interfacing Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,836,692 Electronics [​IMG] Cloaking [​IMG] Electronic Warfare [​IMG] Electronics [​IMG] Electronics Upgrades [​IMG] Frequency Modulation [​IMG] Long Distance Jamming [​IMG] Long Range Targeting [​IMG] Propulsion Jamming [​IMG] Sensor Linking [​IMG] Signal Dispersion [​IMG] Signature Analysis [​IMG] Survey [​IMG] Target Painting [​IMG] Targeting [​IMG] Weapon Disruption Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,188,861 Engineering [​IMG] Energy Emission Systems [​IMG] Energy Grid Upgrades [​IMG] Energy Management [​IMG] Energy Pulse Weapons [​IMG] Energy Systems Operation [​IMG] Engineering [​IMG] Shield Compensation [​IMG] Shield Emission Systems [​IMG] Shield Management [​IMG] Shield Operation [​IMG] Shield Upgrades [​IMG] Tactical Shield Manipulation Total Skillpoints in Group: 798,486 Gunnery [​IMG] Advanced Weapon Upgrades [​IMG] Controlled Bursts [​IMG] Gunnery [​IMG] Large Energy Turret [​IMG] Large Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Medium Blaster Specialization [​IMG] Medium Energy Turret [​IMG] Medium Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Medium Projectile Turret [​IMG] Motion Prediction [​IMG] Rapid Firing [​IMG] Sharpshooter [​IMG] Small Artillery Specialization [​IMG] Small Autocannon Specialization [​IMG] Small Blaster Specialization [​IMG] Small Energy Turret [​IMG] Small Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Small Projectile Turret [​IMG] Small Railgun Specialization [​IMG] Surgical Strike [​IMG] Trajectory Analysis [​IMG] Weapon Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,624,360 Industry [​IMG] Industry [​IMG] Mass Production [​IMG] Mining [​IMG] Production Efficiency [​IMG] Refining Total Skillpoints in Group: 371,598 Leadership [​IMG] Armored Warfare [​IMG] Information Warfare [​IMG] Leadership [​IMG] Siege Warfare [​IMG] Skirmish Warfare Total Skillpoints in Group: 75,652 Learning [​IMG] Analytical Mind [​IMG] Clarity [​IMG] Eidetic Memory [​IMG] Empathy [​IMG] Focus [​IMG] Instant Recall [​IMG] Iron Will [​IMG] Learning [​IMG] Logic [​IMG] Spatial Awareness Total Skillpoints in Group: 553,805 Mechanic [​IMG] Armor Rigging [​IMG] Astronautics Rigging [​IMG] Drones Rigging [​IMG] Electronic Superiority Rigging [​IMG] EM Armor Compensation [​IMG] Energy Weapon Rigging [​IMG] Explosive Armor Compensation [​IMG] Frigate Construction [​IMG] Hull Upgrades [​IMG] Hybrid Weapon Rigging [​IMG] Industrial Construction [​IMG] Jury Rigging [​IMG] Kinetic Armor Compensation [​IMG] Launcher Rigging [​IMG] Mechanic [​IMG] Nanite Operation [​IMG] Projectile Weapon Rigging [​IMG] Remote Armor Repair Systems [​IMG] Remote Hull Repair Systems [​IMG] Repair Systems [​IMG] Salvaging [​IMG] Shield Rigging [​IMG] Thermic Armor Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,165,833 Missile Launcher Operation [​IMG] Cruise Missiles [​IMG] Defender Missiles [​IMG] FoF Missiles [​IMG] Guided Missile Precision [​IMG] Heavy Assault Missiles [​IMG] Heavy Missiles [​IMG] Missile Bombardment [​IMG] Missile Launcher Operation [​IMG] Missile Projection [​IMG] Rapid Launch [​IMG] Rockets [​IMG] Standard Missiles [​IMG] Target Navigation Prediction [​IMG] Torpedoes [​IMG] Warhead Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 753,347 Navigation [​IMG] Acceleration Control [​IMG] Afterburner [​IMG] Evasive Maneuvering [​IMG] Fuel Conservation [​IMG] High Speed Maneuvering [​IMG] Navigation [​IMG] Warp Drive Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,021,020 Planet Management [​IMG] Command Center Upgrades [​IMG] Interplanetary Consolidation [​IMG] Planetology [​IMG] Remote Sensing Total Skillpoints in Group: 362,518 Science [​IMG] Archaeology [​IMG] Astrometric Acquisition [​IMG] Astrometric Rangefinding [​IMG] Astrometrics [​IMG] Biology [​IMG] Caldari Encryption Methods [​IMG] Cybernetics [​IMG] Electronic Engineering [​IMG] Hacking [​IMG] Infomorph Psychology [​IMG] Laboratory Operation [​IMG] Metallurgy [​IMG] Minmatar Encryption Methods [​IMG] Molecular Engineering [​IMG] Research [​IMG] Rocket Science [​IMG] Science [​IMG] Thermodynamics Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,118,028 Social [​IMG] Connections [​IMG] Diplomacy [​IMG] Military Connections [​IMG] Negotiation [​IMG] Political Connections [​IMG] Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 258,275 Spaceship Command [​IMG] Advanced Spaceship Command [​IMG] Amarrr Battleship [​IMG] Amarrr Cruiser [​IMG] Amarrr Frigate [​IMG] Assault Ships [​IMG] Battlecruisers [​IMG] Caldari Battleship [​IMG] Caldari Cruiser [​IMG] Caldari Frigate [​IMG] Caldari Industrial [​IMG] Covert Ops [​IMG] Destroyers [​IMG] Electronic Attack Ships [​IMG] Gallente Battleship [​IMG] Gallente Cruiser [​IMG] Gallente Frigate [​IMG] Gallente Industrial [​IMG] Gallente Strategic Cruiser [​IMG] Heavy Assault Ships [​IMG] Interceptors [​IMG] Minmatar Battleship [​IMG] Minmatar Cruiser [​IMG] Minmatar Frigate [​IMG] Minmatar Industrial [​IMG] Recon Ships [​IMG] Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 6,993,787 Subsystems [​IMG] Gallente Defensive Systems [​IMG] Gallente Electronic Systems [​IMG] Gallente Engineering Systems [​IMG] Gallente Offensive Systems [​IMG] Gallente Propulsion Systems Total Skillpoints in Group: 151,765 Trade [​IMG] Broker Relations [​IMG] Contracting myeve.eve-online/

    itmaps/character/level3.gif Daytrading [​IMG] Marketing [​IMG] Procurement [​IMG] Retail [​IMG] Trade Total Skillpoints in Group: 168,577 Total Skillpoints: 23,944,338 Total Number of Skills: 200 Skills at Level 1: 18 Skills at Level 2: 25 Skills at Level 3: 56 Skills at Level 4: 72 Skills at Level 5: 29
    Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 450000000
    Wallet Status: Positive
    All Ships (Describe): T2 fitted Dominix Ready to go for L5s out of the box
    All Assets (Describe): *Researched* Myrmidon BPO (350+m value) 9+ Standing Federal Intelligence (L5's) 6+ Standing Fed Navy
    How many additional characters are on your account?:
    Alternative Characters Race: Caldari
    Alternative Characters Skill Points: 2218239
    Alternative Characters Attributes: Int 29 Cha 5 Will 5 Per 5 Mem 23
    List Skills, Specs, and Implants: Intellignece +4 Memory +4 Ready to produce Myrmidons (includes researched BPO) out of the box Interchangeable Parts Attributes Intelligence: 29.16 Perception: 5.40 Charisma: 5.40 Willpower: 5.40 Memory: 22.68 Corporation Management [​IMG] Corporation Management Total Skillpoints in Group: 250 Electronics [​IMG] Electronics Total Skillpoints in Group: 8,000 Engineering [​IMG] Engineering [​IMG] Shield Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 9,415 Gunnery [​IMG] Gunnery [​IMG] Small Hybrid Turret Total Skillpoints in Group: 9,415 Industry [​IMG] Mining Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,415 Learning [​IMG] Analytical Mind [​IMG] Eidetic Memory [​IMG] Instant Recall [​IMG] Learning [​IMG] Logic Total Skillpoints in Group: 407,295 Mechanic [​IMG] Mechanic Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,415 Navigation [​IMG] Navigation Total Skillpoints in Group: 8,000 Planet Management [​IMG] Command Center Upgrades [​IMG] Interplanetary Consolidation [​IMG] Planetology [​IMG] Remote Sensing Total Skillpoints in Group: 45,269 Science [​IMG] Cybernetics [​IMG] Laboratory Operation [​IMG] Metallurgy [​IMG] Research [​IMG] Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,671,765 Spaceship Command [​IMG] Caldari Frigate [​IMG] Caldari Industrial [​IMG] Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 56,000 Total Skillpoints: 2,218,239 Total Number of Skills: 26 Skills at Level 1: 2 Skills at Level 2: 5 Skills at Level 3: 9 Skills at Level 4: 6 Skills at Level 5: 4

    Additional Information
    Looking to trade for Tengu pilot

    Total ISK
    70000000Gallente Male
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