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    Main Characters Skill Points Group: Between 35,000,000 to 37,500,000
    Main Characters Total Skill Points: 35000000
    Main Characters Total Number Of Skills: 170
    Charisma: 22
    Intelligence: 28
    Memory: 22
    Perception: 26
    Willpower: 26
    List All Character Implants: Main clone all level 5 learning implants cy-1 ay-1 agm1000 g1-delta zet500 I have a basic slave clone for pvp
    List All Character Skills: Almost max gunnery and drone still missing very little can fly command ships eveboard/pilot/xbgt1
    Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 2000000000
    Wallet Status: Positive
    All Ships (Describe): Gili and tech 2 implant goes for 250 million 2x command ships 100+ million each close to flying tech 2 bs and capital ships
    All Assets (Describe): lot of spare loot for selling if needed I guess about 200 million 460 million isk
    How many additional characters are on your account?:

    Additional Information

    Total ISK
    460000000Gallente Male
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