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    Eve Online Account 62M SP Character / Toon Why pay for EvE? Not paid for eve in 1 year and a half using passive datacore farming, planets, trading and buying cheap minerals and selling expensive ships. At one point I was churning out capitals with over 400 Mill - 600 Mill profit, some toons cant even do this at 120sp!!!! Summary: This sale is for a Generic Pen and includes a free well skilled Super Carrier, Industry, Research and Exploration Giant that will get you started right into the game, it is even cross trained to run excursions . This toon has 11! research slots and 10 manufacturing slots the highest you can get on any toon and can construct all ships INCLUDING TITANS, DREADS and SUPER CARRIERS. It also is capable of piloting a super carrier and jump freighter through null sec, defending a pos or running an entire pos or running a mining op with a rorqual. This toons secondary strength is it's Planets and Trading ability; as Trade skills are almost maxed out, meaning you can manipulate markets, buy cheap materials and make expensive components. The ships you need to transport through Null, Low and High sec with the correct fittings, are already fitted and are in the hanger and I haven't bought game time on this account or my other 3 alts for a very very long time. It also has all the mining skills and processing skills should you wish to run a corps prod and indy side. The account comes with over 6 Bill Assets scatted across space and 2 Months inclusive game time with 1.3 Bill in isk including all the resources needed to make hulks. Ships included are: Obelisk Orca Occator 2 Hulks 1 Mackinaw Cheetah Hurricane Iteron V Viotar Macheriel (excursion running) With drones + many others that I haven't listed, such as interceptors and Ewar ships. Character located in High Security space and comes with a positive wallet plus quite a lot of assets all over EVE including a 400 Mill+ in minerals and lots of planets that need minerals collected. The character also has a fantastic name and a neutral PVP Killboard and history with NO Kill rights just positive security status. The other two toons included; are one PVP toon with planets and another with explo/ planets both of these are located in a wh while the main is located in high sec Jita.. includes 2 months activated plex.
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    Online much if still for sale
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