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    |Supports Fullscreen 1280*1024 resolution only| Latest Download: Located at the bottom of this post. Latest Version: v1.1d Basics: - Adjustable delays for each event. (So you can optimize the settings for yourself) - Adjustable random delays. - You can set how many mining lasers you have fitted. - You can set how many lock-ons you can use. - You can use up to 59 asteroid Bookmarks. - Picks a random Bookmark each time. - Integrated help with images. - Can view a time estimation for each cycle. - Can launch your Combat Drones to protect you while mining. Advanced: - None for the moment, need to make sure the base mechanics are a-okay before moving onto more advanced stages, but after personal use it seems to be fine. Planning (For next release): - Tidy up GUI - Feature that'll dock before server downtime, and get rid of the 1 hour notice Version Changes: 1.1d - Further improved how certain things worked, and added Combat Drone support. 1.1c - Optimized and improved Mining Laser usage (No longer limited, works with ANY combination of Lock-ons/Asteroids to Mining Lasers) 1.1b - Taking the Drones function out due to a problem with them not returning and/or getting killed by rats. 1.1a - Added a cycle time estimation button. A few small Random Delay and General fixes. 1.1 - Milliseconds converted to seconds. Use of Drones and updated Overview Help Image. 1.0b - Public Release Installation: To extract the .rar, you'll need WinRAR ( ). Extract the files anywhere convenient. Use: Quite literally open the .exe file, and for help, just click on the 'Help' button. ;D Thanks to Catboy Copy from i try to post every new udates or visit the link above
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