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    Why would you use this service? - 100% Reliable - Fast - Cheap How does it work? - First you add me on : damnitzryan - On you tell me from what divison to what division you want to be boosted. - You pay me through paypal - After I confirmed the payment, you will give me the info about the account. - And then I will start boosting! Your account credentials will be safe at all time. Also we will not talk to any of your friends ingame. You can also spectate your boost by making a 2nd account and adding your main account as a friend so you can even learn while we are boosting! Some other vouches and boost from my old thread. Spoiler: Quote: Originally Posted by kL1c This guy is trusted. He playes two games for me and carried both of them so hard! You guys can trust him! Quote: Originally Posted by SkyIsHigh So, played 2 Games with him and i have to say that he is very good. He did good calls and got a nice positioning so that he got a Quadrakill with Ashe Garen game was pretty funny, too. He destroyed Vi completly. I can only recommand him! Quote: Originally Posted by Excalator Played two games with this guy and i was very pleased. He played well and carryed the game hard 2 times. 1 time akali with an unoffical penta kill and the other game he played diana with an quadra kill, completely raping the enemy mid. This guy is trusted! ***************************************************** Quote: Originally Posted by dimix16x boosted me from gold 5 to platin 5 in 4 days! got 6-7 win streaks. very nice! Quote: Originally Posted by [email protected] boosted me from Silver I to Gold V nice guy and trustable he has done some rly good plays and i got now a 100% win rate on akali with 6 games and never played her last 10 games: Quote: Originally Posted by umbisan Did an AWESOME job! Nice service, trusted guy and so skilled! 100% Win Ratio in many games, he raped them so hard! Still taking vouches from trusted members only! (25/0/0+)
Thread Status:
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