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    Ill give you a list with the champ skins runes and runepages i own you can think yourselves how much money ive spent on this account and give me some offers even the small offers are appreciated tnx.Email Exists Exchanging my account with a EUWE Acccount would be great too but i want something similar to mine, Gold+ Skins: Alistar, Unchained, Infernal Anivia, Bird of prey Annie, Red riding Brand, Apocalyptic Cassiopeia, Siren, Mythic Chogath, Nightmare Evelynn, Tango Fiddlesticks, Surprise Party Fizz, Fisherman Galio, Hextech Gragas, ESQ Hecarim, Bloodstained Heimerdinger, Alien Invader, Snowmerdinger Janna, Victorious Karma, Sakura, Traditional Kennen, Arctic Ops Leona, Valkyrie, Lulu, Dragon Trainer , Wicked Malzahar, Shadow Price Maokai, Chared, Christmas Tree, Haunted Morgana, Blackthorn Nunu, Demolisher Orianna, Bladecraft Ryze, Proffesor, Uncle Sejuani, Sabretusk Shen, Frozen, Bloodmoon Sona, Muse Taric, Armor of the fifth age Thresh Deep terror Twitch, Gangster Udyr, Primal Veigar, Bad Santa, Superb Villain 7 Runepages Almost All runes owned My summonername Is NOT SirRoyal Price 70Euro +/- Other offers are acceptable too
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.