EUNE Insane Account Platinum Frame in 5v5/3v3/Soloq 140 skins all champs!

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    I am selling the following insane account with 140 skins + , platinum border , Gold I 75 points atm , all champions,20 rune pages,all the runes you will ever need ! Here is a pic album: s386.beta.photobucket/user/Panost/library/etb%20thiefoft1me Skins: Ahri: Midnight, Dynasty Akali: Blood Moon Alistar: Unchained Amumu: Pharaoh Anivia: Noxus Hunter, Hextech Annie: FrostFire Ashe: Freljord, Sherwood Forest, Amethyst Brand: Apocaliptyc, Crycore, Vandal, Zombie Caitlyn: Arctic Warfare Cassiopeia: Mythic, Desparada Darius: Lord Darius Diana: Dark Valkyrie Draven: SoulReaver Evelynn: Tango Ezreal: Nottingham, Frosted Fizz: Fisherman Galio: Gatekeeper Gankplank: Spooky, Minuteman Garen: Desertrooper, Steel Legion Gragas: Esq, Scuba Graves: Hired Gun, Mafia, Riot Irelia: Nightblade, Aviator, Infiltrator, Frostblade Janna: Frost Queen, Victorious Jarvan: Victorious Jarvan, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan Jax: Vandal Jax, Angler Jax, Jaximus, Temple Jax, Nemesis Jax, PAX Jax Jayce: Debonair Jayce Karthus: Phantom Karthus, Pentakill Karthus Katarina: High Command Katarina Kayle: Judgment Kayle Kennen: Swamp Master, Arctic Ops Kha'Zix: Mecha Kha'Zix LeBlanc: Wicked LeBlanc Lee Sin: Traditional, Acolyte, Muay Thai, Dragon Fist Lulu: Wicked Lulu Lux: Spellthief Lux Malphite: Obsidian Malphite Malzahar: Djinn Malzahar, Shadow Prince Malzahar, Vizier Malzahar, Overlord Malzahar Maokai: Charred Maokai Master Yi: Assassin, Headhunter, Samurai Miss Fortune: Mafia Mordekaiser: Lord Mordekaiser Morgana: Exiled, Blackthorn Nasus: Galactic, Pharaoh Nidalee: Leopard, Pharaoh Nocturne: Frozen Terror, Ravager Olaf: Forsaken Olaf Orianna: Gothic, Bladecraft, Sewn Chaos Pantheon: Ruthless, Glaive Warrior Poppy: Battle Regalia Poppy Renekton: Outback, Rune Wars Riven: Redeemed, Crimson Elite, Championship Riven Rengar: Headhunter Rengar Ryze: Tribal Ryze, Dark Crystal Ryze, Professor Ryze, Shaco: Madhatter, Workshop Shen: Yellow Shen, Frozen Shen, Warlord Shen, Blood Moon Shen Shyvana: Ironscale Shyvana Singed: Riot Squad Singed Sion: Hextech, Warmonger Skarner: Sandscourge Swain: Northern Front, Bilgewater Swain Syndra: Justicar Talon: Renegade, Crimson Elite, Dragonblade Talon Taric: Emerald Taric Teemo: Super Teemo Tristana: FireFighter Tristana Tryndamere: DemonBlade Tryndamere Twisted Fate: Tango, The Magnificent, Musketeer, Jack of Hearts, Underworld Udyr: Primal Udyr Vayne: Aristocrat, DragonSlayer Veigar: White Mage, Baron von Veigar Vladimir: Count, Marquis, Blood Lord Vladimir Warwick: Tundra Hunter, Feral Wukong: General, Jade Dragon Wukong Xerath: Battlecast Xerath Xin Zhao: Winged Hussar Xin Zhao, Warring Kindgoms Xin Zhao Zed: ShockBlade Ziggs: Mad Scientist Zilean: Shurima Desert Zyra: Wildfire
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