EUNE Account (Platinum Season 2/Gold Season 3, lots of Skins,Champs,Runes)

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    ~Account Info All season 2 Platinum rewards Gold V current Tier/Division Clear account (no reports/Tribunal warnings etc) 891rp 916ip Also these summoners icons: ~Champions/Skins Ahri Akali - Silverfang Akali Alistar - Unchained Alistar Annie Ashe - Freljord Ashe Caitlyn Cassiopeia - Mythic Cassiopeia Corki - Hotrod Corki Darius Diana Ezreal - Pulsefire Ezreal Fiora Graves - Mafia Graves Irelia Janna Jarvan IV - Darkforge Jarvan IV Jax - Vandal Jax Jayce Katarina Kennen Khazix Kogmaw - Monarch Kog Maw Lee Sin - Dragon Fist Lee Sin/Muay Tai Lee Sin Malphite Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune - Mafia Miss Fortune Nocturne Nunu Poppy Renekton Riven - Championship Riven Ryze - Dark Crystal Ryze Shen Sivir Soraka Swain Tristana - Riot Girl Tristana Twisted fate - Musketeer Twisted Fate Urgot - Butcher Urgot Varus - Bright Crystal Varus Vayne Vi Vladimir Wukong - Jade Dragon Wukong Xin Zhao - Commando Xin Zhao/Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Screenshot with owned champions: Little hard to show screenshots with every skin tho. ~Runes 9x Flat AD Marks 9x Armor Pen Marks 9x Magic Pen Marks 9x Flat AP Seals 9x Flat Armor Seals 9x Flat MR Seals 9x Flat AD Glyphs 9x Flat MR Glyphs 9x AP per lvl Glyphs 3x Armor Pen Quints 3x Flat AD Quints 3x GP5 Quints 3x Flat AP Quints 1x Exp Quint Send me a personal message for price and further info if you're interested.
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