Selling  Europe  Scrapper  High End  Level 50+ EUC ASTA SCRAPPER 1415, GS1390, 4 ALTS 1370 + 2 ALTS 8400 ROYALS

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    Shock scrapper main with 4x3 and 1415 ilvl. Previous main Gunslinger 1390. Lots of unas reputations maxed, Astray only missing Blackfang rapport (items on Gunslinger). Lots of collectibles done, a couple weeks of Crystal Benefactor status left too. Stronghold lvl 31, Roster lvl 116. Very nice rare mounts (see the pic). Collected a lot of masterpieces/souls/giant hearts, most MPs/GHs locked behind rapport/long unas. Basically a lot of horizontal content done.
    Scrapper 1415, Gunslinger 1390, Sorc/Pala/Deathblade/Berserker 1370, Gunlancer 1310, Striker 1100

    Striker has summer skin (see roster pic)

    8000+ royal crystals and 1000+ blue crystals on account!

    Ask for any questions or offers here or on DC DeWolff#5869

    Screenshots taken on 05.08.2022: