Selling EU WEST Account lvl 30 2 ranked games played....

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    EU WEST Account lvl 30 2 ranked games played. silver s2 CHEAP ^ add me on Astronix04 or msg here - - - Updated - - - SOLD - sry WTT: Lvl 30 LoL Eu east account for WoW gold on Stormscale EU Hello i`m looking to trade my LoL account for gold on Stormscale EU BatePencho - Europe Nordic & East - Summoners - League of Legends Statistics - lolking --- link to account 19 champions 2 pages of runes Clean account ( 0 games for this season) If you are extremely rep'd i will go first otherwise it will have to be you. Add me on if interested ( yo0o01) WTS: EU/NE account 90+ champs 10runepages 45+ skins gold elo Dynasty ahri Nurse Akali Emumu Goth Annie Definitely Not Blitzcrank( rare ) Cryocore Brand Hot Rod Cork Soul Reaver Draven Pulsefire Ezreal (legendary) Frosted Ezreal Commando Galio Special Forces Gangplank Sanguine Garen Gragas, Esq Hired Gun Graves HexTech Janna Red Card Katarina ( rare ) Judgement Kayle Mecha Kha'Zix Monarch Kog'maw Traditional Lee Sin Sorceress Lux Shadow Prince Malzahar French Maid Nidalee Witch Nidalee Ravager Nocturne Brolaf (rare ) Sewn Chaos Orianna Bloodfury Renekton Frozen Shen ( rare ) HexTech Singed Renegade Talon 5th Age Taric Recon Teemo Lil' Slugger Trundle Magnificent Twisted Fate(rare) Vindicator Vayne Aristocrat Vayne Prototype Viktor Count Vladimir Firefang Warwick ++ 10 runepages silver elo/gold elo +5,6k rp + 10,5k ip Contact me : kriksis1489() got eu w acc 2 if ya want NEED ANY PROOF , W/ me @ SKYPE SCAMMERS DON`T EVEN TRY SCAMMER LIST : anakindu13() - offered 50eur when i told him u first or get MM ( i got removed ) patric.json ( - sweeden ) - - - Updated - - - upupup WTS: Lvl30 EUW acc with some extra. Server:EUWest Lvl:30 Win:1270+ Elo:1312(5w-5l now) Rp:5 Ip:5500+ I've never been suspended or banned! Silver medal in S2! -5 Rune Page -Honor: "Honorable opponent" title Friendly:20 Helpful:12 Teamwork:41 Honorable opponent:50 -Skin: Unchained Alistar Samurai Yi Vandal Jax Judgment Kayle French...
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