Selling EU Top LeaderBoards account ( Top 5 teams) gems 142 , 3557 paragon

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    Account from Top 5 team in S12 LeaderBoards gr141 done
    There is alot of builds for gr 100-140+ and for speed farm T13
    You can check all builds here

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    Here is movie on youtube what inside

    DPS gems
    Bane of the traped 142 lvl
    Stricken 141 lvl
    Enforcer 137 lvl

    About 50 caldesans 108 lvl for your new builds
    About 20 caldesant 100 lvl

    2000 of each bounty materials (im actually farm it)

    Many Builds is empowered by 100-130+ caldesans

    if needed i offer an 1 hour coaching how to play end game grifts so every clan will invite You !

    For S13 i offer help for make any char for gr70

    You have access to many closed communites for grifting 130+

    Buy Now - PlayerUp Middleman Service
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